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DOCCR Selects SCRAMx Alcohol Monitoring System for Electronic Home Monitoring Program

SCRAMx alcohol monitoring system has been chosen by the Hennepin County Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCCR) for the Electronic Home Monitoring program. The program received approval from the Public Safety Judiciary Committee of the county.

The contract includes choosing a group of electronic monitoring devices to handle both juvenile and adult lawbreakers in pre-arbitration as well as post-arbitration. The Fairmont-based Midwest Monitoring & Surveillance will manage the program.

Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAMx) serves as an alcohol monitoring system in the form of an anklet. It has to be worn by offenders round-the-clock. The device obtains samples of an offender's perspiration every half an hour to keep a check on alcohol compliance. Since 2005, the Continuous Alcohol Monitoring System has been deployed to observe intoxicated drivers and other related lawbreakers in Hennepin and nearby counties. The DOCCR program will enable the addition of 250 to 350 SCRAMx bracelets by this month end, making Hennepin as the nation’s biggest county-level CAM program.

The bid process will focus on the bidder quoting the least price for offering the complete range of electronic monitoring services for the county. The county officials have decided to organize a demonstration of the SCRAMx System for a week. Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) develops and promotes SCRAMx systems in North America. John Hennessey, Vice President of Strategic Accounts for AMS, has stated that the bid method not only features a demonstration but also an assessment of the technology’s capability to cope with the evidence-related norms demanded by the courts. He added that the combined set of a robust, complete service EM supplier and the popularity and proficiency of their system enabled to fortify the county's preference for SCRAMx and MMS.

SCRAM was released in April 2003. Last year, AMS unveiled SCRAMx, the latest version of the system. It includes home detention monitoring as an optional feature into the same system. Till date, SCRAMx system has observed 165,000 offenders across 48 states. Around 12,100 lawbreakers are monitored on a daily basis.

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