Canvs AI Releases First AI-Powered Platform for Coding Survey Responses Automatically

Canvs AI has released the market research industry's first AI-powered platform for coding open-ended survey responses automatically, Canvs Surveys. Allowing researchers to uncover consumer insights more quickly, while gaining a deep understanding of how their audiences think and feel and how those emotions drive behavior. By eliminating time-consuming hand-coding, the Canvs Surveys solution delivers accurate, consistent insights that are free of subjective bias.

"A key part of our vision at Canvs AI is to enable organizations to make better business decisions based on the power of emotional insights," said Jared Feldman, founder and CEO of the company. "Canvs Surveys allows market researchers to truly understand their customers, faster and more efficiently than ever before. By applying our advanced AI, companies can uncover the real value in open-ended survey responses and get a more complete picture of how their customers are feeling and, therefore, how they will make decisions."

Researchers can use Canvs Surveys to algorithmically process the majority of open-ended survey responses, both topical and emotional, while giving the user controls to teach the system and refine results. In addition, Canvs Surveys solution means that users can:

- Analyze the majority of open-ended responses in minutes rather than days, by replacing time-consuming hand coding with proprietary and patented AI

- Uncover common ideas in survey responses, created by unique patterns of emotions and topics, nearly instantly

- Benchmark survey results against a historical performance to contextualize results over time

- Process results in a consistent, standard manner that eliminates subjective bias

- Analyze data within a flexible framework and customize outputs by Canvs (42 emotions), Ekman (six emotions) or Plutchik (eight emotions) and achieve greater alignment among initiatives

By applying Canvs' deep understanding of modern language, and highly trained AI, alongside an intuitive, seamless user experience, researchers can instantly uncover the in-depth answers their audiences are providing in order to make better business decisions.

Join us at the IIeX Behavioral Conference in Boston on November 12-13 for our workshop, or register now for the Canvs Webinar "Creating Efficiencies in Survey Research: Using AI to Understand Your Customers Through Emotion Measurement" on November 19 at 11am Eastern. Register here.


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