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Laser Photonics Corporation and Brokk Showcase High-Tech Laser Cleaning Robot at WM2020

Laser Photonics Corporation and Brokk are presenting the latest high-tech laser cleaning robot at the annual Waste Management Conference (Booth #121), a worldwide regarded international conference for the management of radioactive material. The WM 2020 is hosted from March 8th to March 12th, 2020 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona.

The most advanced version of the laser cleaning robot offers capabilities such as artificially intelligent software, remote-controlled operations, and wide installation options such as conveyor lines and standalone systems, for both man-assisted and unmanned operations. The robot was originally designed for the use in nuclear powerplant decommissioning and decontamination applications, such as decommissioning and clean up operations on nuclear powered naval ships like destroyers, submarines, and aircraft carriers, but can be applied to any cleaning processes industry-wide. Lasers can aid in the performance of multiple functions inside contaminated areas such as machine and tool trackability, remote cutting, as well as, demolitions, clean up, and decontamination operations.

Laser Photonics Corporation manufactures and sells laser cleaning, laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, and 3d metal printing equipment for material processing in the industries aerospace, automotive, space exploration, oil and gas, nuclear, shipbuilding, military and defense, and more. Their equipment is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions for a long product life cycle while improving the conditions and outputs of material processing needs for cutting, cleaning, marking, engraving, and 3d metal printing.

Brokk manufactures and sells remote-controlled demolition robots for construction, tunneling, cement, metal processing, mining, nuclear, and security & rescue operations placing a focus on effective, profit-enhancing, and safer demolitions.

Together, Laser Photonics Corporation and Brokk, plan to introduce the world's smartest remote-controlled laser cleaning robot at the WM2020 Conference. This allows companies to adhere to all recently mandated OSHA, EPA, and environmental regulations while achieving comparable or better results to traditional methods of material preparation such as abrasive blasting or chemical cleaning. The goal is to provide safer, faster, and more efficient equipment for manufacturers and their personnel to complete the job. Laser technology allows for this modernization to capital equipment within the manufacturing sectors of almost any industry.

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