Quillbot Applies AI to Make English Writing Easier for Everyone

QuillBot today announced that it raised over $4M in seed funding, led by GSV Ventures and Sierra Ventures with participation from Service Provider Capital. QuillBot is the first and only comprehensive AI writing collaborator that rewrites full paragraphs and refines content. The organically growing company is expanding access, improving quality and increasing the speed of writing. More than a million people around the world use QuillBot to instantly deliver a more concise, compelling message.

Founded in 2017 by three computer science students with deep expertise in natural language processing (NLP), QuillBot is a complete writing solution driven by sophisticated AI paraphrasing technology. This breakthrough uses natural language understanding to reconstruct the user’s content to improve the clarity of the intended message. QuillBot’s extensive user base trains the algorithm for continuous improvement as the AI learns with the human.

The funding will be used to integrate intelligent new capabilities into the existing platform to become an all-in-one writing collaborator. For example, QuillBot will add a summarizer that quickly obtains the most relevant information from an article or online source; additionally, content generation will tap into QuillBot’s understanding of user intent to suggest ways to clearly complete sentences. The QuillBot team also plans to establish an NLP Lab to conduct research and introduce cutting-edge innovations to the field of NLP.

Our vision for QuillBot has always been to make writing easier, so that people can spend more time focusing on what they should write instead of how they should write it. We’re already helping a network of more than a million people write at a high level, many of whom would not otherwise have the option. This funding will allow us to expand our global reach and impact as we take our holistic approach to AI-driven collaborative writing to the next level.”

Rohan Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of QuillBot

More than 60 percent of current QuillBot users are non-native speakers. Many are college students who write extensively in a language that’s not their first. Others are among millions of non-native professionals who communicate about complex topics every day, all while navigating the nuances of the English language. QuillBot aims to reduce stress and time spent perfecting written content to help level the linguistic playing field.

"English has become the global language of business, creating a barrier for hundreds of millions of non-native speakers around the world,” said Michael Cohn, Partner, GSV Ventures. “QuillBot is the first solution to break open access to high-quality English writing for everyone, giving all people equal access to participate in the future."

QuillBot’s application of AI and NLP sets it apart from spelling, grammar or syntax-focused online tools, and infuses innovation into the actual process of writing.

"QuillBot is already helping more than a million people across the world to write better, and there is massive potential for where it can go from here,” said Mark Fernandes, Managing Director of Sierra Ventures. “Proficiency in written communication is critical to success both academically and professionally, but writing can be daunting, slow, or even impossible. QuillBot empowers everyone to articulate their original ideas and unlock their potential, and that will have a meaningful impact on the world.”

Source: https://www.quillbot.com/

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