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New AI-Powered Health Assistant Allows Sharing of Health, Wellness Data

Brittany allows CMDX community members to share their health and wellness data, rewarding them with CMDX crytpocurrency for their information.

By the end of 2020, Brittany will be running 90% of CMDX's Operations including customer service, sales and serving as a personal health concierge for our members around the world."-; Tom McMurrain, CEO of CMDXROSEAU, DM, DOMINICA, June 1, 2020 / -- Once a concept of the imagination and the movies (does Ironman Tony Stark's AI assistants J.A.R.V.I.S or F.R.I.D.A.Y ring a bell?) AI is becoming increasingly more prevalent in today's households. And with AI's growing popularity, even the health industry is looking for ways to incorporate AI in new and exciting ways.

Enter CMDX's Brittany. CMDX is a global community dedicated to generating wealth by rewarding its members for engaging in healthy lifestyle and business-related activities. In looking to capitalize on the AI boom and create a unique, personalized health experience for its community members, CMDX CEO Tom McMurrain and his team created Brittany, CMDX's AWS AI-powered health and business assistant.

Unlike other AI-based services, products, and platforms today such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, CMDX approaches data in a novel way. The company is driven by the belief that consumers own their data, and they should have control over what to do with that data. If they choose to share their data with companies, they should be compensated for that action.

Brittany assists CMDX's community members with building a data profile and then gives them the opportunity to turn that data into income via a concept called Universal Basic Data Income (UBDI). Simply put, UBDI is getting something in exchange for sharing personal data. In CMDX's case, a user can share their health and wellness data to earn CMDXRewards in the form of cryptocurrency that community members can then use on a wide range of services on CMDX's platform, including healthcare services, supplements, and more through an intuitive invoice generating shopping cart.

CMDX offers an annual membership for $50 that launches the UBDI journey for members who want to take back ownership of their data and profit from it. After joining CMDX, members complete the Healthstyle Profile with Brittany, a 150-question exploration into their health history, activities, and preferences. After completing this questionnaire, Brittany will ask the member if they would like to enter into an Intellectual Property Lease Agreement (IPLA), which compensates the members for their data.

Another innovative feature of CMDX's model is that the company does not sell the data to third parties. CMDX de-identifies member data before pushing it to Brittany, which then makes personalized health, product, and service recommendations on CMDX's proprietary marketplace.

To create a more personable and realistic experience, CMDX employs a human avatar to embody Brittany—a practice that is common amongst companies worldwide including Mercedes Benz, Autodesk, and Australian Airlines, which all currently utilize avatars created by New Zealand based Soul Machines.

And with the anticipated rise of voice-assisted devices over the next three years, with an estimated 8 billion devices to be employed by households worldwide by 2023, CMDX is looking to leverage the power of AI to fuel its brand growth and streamline the member experience while giving them innovative new ways to generate an income.

"AI experts predict that in the near future, consumers will simply be able to ask what they want out loud, and AI-powered devices will be able to deliver those items by drones or print them via in-home 3D printers," said McMurrain. "Brittany is just one prong of our multi-pronged approach to grow to 10 million plus members in the next 36 months. Services like Brittany and added wearable technology and health assurance plans will help us meet this goal and introduce us to a wider global audience. Brittany is incredibly powerful, and we anticipate that she will be running 90% of CMDX operations by the end of 2020."

Move over Ironman, because it looks like there's a new Tony Stark in town saving the health and wellness industry - Her name is Brittany!


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