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Adamson’s Students Display Multiple Remote Controlled Robots

Robotic inventions built by the Engineering students of the Adamson University were released on "Umagang Kay Ganda" (UKG). One of the major inventions made by the students was a talking female humanoid robot, which could listen and reply to simple queries made either through speech or using a chatting interface.

The robot was built based on a combination of innovative technologies including artificial intelligence.

Female Humanoid

Another useful invention that was built by the Adamson’s robotics team included a remotely controlled roving robot that was capable of climbing a staircase and detecting gas leaks. This sensor equipped robot could check and monitor the level of combustible gases. The robot feeds the data to a remote monitor that displays the message as “tolerable”, “warning”, or “dangerous”.

Students also built a remote controlled robot, equipped with headlights and a 360° rotating camera, to conduct surveillance operations on uneven terrain. The robot can ascend and descend at ease and send out audio and video feeds on a regular basis to a monitor. The wheels of the robot, function similar to that of a tank, and are sturdy enough to traverse through rugged terrains.

Adamson’s also came out with a geo-exploration robot that was inspired by NASA’s Mars rover. This mini-rover featured a built-in loader as well as a robotic arm to gather soil specimens from geological surveys. This all-terrain robot also comes equipped with infrared night vision cameras and LED lights to deliver live video feeds.

The three -wheel human transporter, which resembled a push scooter, was another robotic invention made by the students. This fully motorized, step-on vehicle was capable of carrying a maximum load of up to 100 kilograms. This robotic system could be activated using a PIN code and could be used in applications that require detection capabilities in order to prevent collisions.


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