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TOMI Announces Early Stage Trials of its First-Generation Disinfection Robot

TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.® (“TOMI”), is a global company specializing in disinfection and decontamination, utilizing its premier Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) platform through its SteraMist products - a hydrogen peroxide-based mist and fog composed of ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP). SteraMist announces early stage trials of SteraBot, its first-generation technology disinfection robot jointly developed in Hong Kong with RV Automation Technology Co. Ltd.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has continued to seriously affect the daily lives of citizens and the economies of every country around the globe. Recent sharp surges in diagnosed cases in many locations mean that global efforts to break the chains of new coronavirus transmissions and the urgent development of new vaccines continue unabated. As the epidemic escalates the potential roles of robotics are becoming increasingly prominent. Disinfection robots have the potential to be deployed as effective resources to combat the spread of COVID-19. Robotic applications using TOMI SteraMist iHP™ technology in healthcare and many other industries will help to vastly reduce direct human exposure to dangerous pathogens.

TOMI has signed agreements with several companies in the Asia and Southeast Asia region granting the right of its patented SteraMist iHP™ for use in the development of disinfection robots to tackle the growing threat of COVID-19. Prototype disinfection robots have been developed and are undergoing early stage trials at various locations. One of TOMI’s robotic development partners, RV Automation Technology Company Limited, is working with the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus Disease 2019 project sponsored by the Innovation and Technology Fund, Innovation and Technology Commission, the Government of Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

TOMI is also working with other companies in both Singapore and Hong Kong to develop flexible robotic solutions for deployment in healthcare, maritime and hospitality sectors.

The new disinfection robot will leverage on latest technologies in Automatic Guided Vehicle and will be able to map a new environment, perform autonomous navigation and conduct disinfection routines based on proprietary algorithms. Software development by TOMI’s robotic partners provide an enhanced AI capability to optimize mapping, navigation and ensuring SteraMist iHP™ disinfection efficacy achieved under the operating perimeters prescribed by TOMI. Extensive trials of the prototype disinfection robots cover key considerations such as operational safety protocols, post verification of disinfection efficacy, quality control, product reliability and maximizing smooth implementation under different environments.

TOMI believes that the global demand of disinfection robots from customers will continue to increase firmly over the coming period. Robotic application of SteraMist iHP™ eliminates the pitfalls of manual operation by users. Our robotic R&D strategy will allow TOMI to expand business opportunity with its new product range to meet the urgent disinfection needs of customers across a wide spectrum of industries globally. We expect that the future successful development of SteraMist iHP™ robots will serve to propel and sustain business growth and profitability for our shareholders in the new technology era.

TOMI CEO, Dr. Halden Shane, states: “With the completion of research efforts, we expect to meet the increasing needs and requests by our clients to have a disinfecting robot that eliminates manual cleaning inconsistencies from their disinfection protocol, SteraBot achieves that task. One of our major real estate group customers currently has deployed over 10 different types of industrial robots in its existing fleet. This customer has already expressed keen interest in SteraMist iHP™️ robots. They believe that the introduction and adoption of new robotic technology will better protect the safety of their workers and improve the group’s capabilities to combat the epidemic today and in the future.”


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