New AI-Powered Optimization, Intelligence Platform to Promote E-Commerce

Feedvisor, the AI-powered optimization and intelligence platform for brands and sellers on Amazon, Walmart, and e-marketplaces, today announced a dramatic expansion to its industry-leading advertising solution.

The company released its next-generation, “AI-first” Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform, featuring advanced technology and robust, new features to help e-commerce businesses maximize ROI and gain a competitive advantage on Amazon.

In addition, the company is expanding its advertising product offerings to include two new models, Feedvisor Plus and Feedvisor Essentials, in addition to its enhanced Feedvisor enterprise model, which, along with its new, advanced features, is now available for Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Product Targeting.

Feedvisor Plus, the company’s full-service model, combines its deep e-marketplace expertise with the latest innovation in technology and proprietary data to drive performance for 1P and 3P brands and retailers. Feedvisor Essentials is the company’s new self-serve platform that will enable fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses to build and manage successful Amazon Advertising campaigns independently.

“As competition increases, advanced advertising technology has become a necessary component to driving demand and outpacing the competition in today’s complex and sophisticated marketplace,” said Victor Rosenman, Feedvisor Chief Executive Officer. “Feedvisor's AI-powered platform, built by a team of top-notch data scientists, automation engineers, and e-commerce experts, can analyze myriad data points to more accurately evaluate ad performance, respond to shifting market dynamics and predict trends and behaviors.”

New features and advancements include:

  • SearchGraph and ProductSphere Technologies: Feedvisor leverages proprietary AI to understand and grow share of voice and automate all aspects of keyword harvesting and forecasting. ProductSphere technology pinpoints direct and indirect competition on the product and search term level, and SearchGraph identifies the most relevant and impactful search terms for each unique ASIN in your catalog. Together, they enable Feedvisor’s platform to allocate resources toward the keywords that will have the greatest impact over time.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)  Harvesting and Deep-Learning Bid Predictor: Feedvisor continuously evaluates and then generates precise bids based on the actual semantic relevance of keywords to the product being advertised, attributes of the product, and the performance of the campaign. Then its engine effectively allocates budget across keywords to achieve optimal performance and avoid wasted ad spend on low-performing keywords.
  • Algorithmic AutoStructure: Feedvisor’s platform seamlessly connects organic and paid traffic metrics by establishing the relation between products and advertising campaigns through automatic campaign structuring. This allows the platform to track advertising metrics on the product level and create linkages between advertising metrics, operational metrics, and organic sales, and then automatically generate SEO recommendations based on the data generated through each individual advertising campaign.
  • Automated Campaign Management: Feedvisor’s AI monitors and automatically optimizes advertising campaign structure when changes are made to the catalog, advertised products, or campaign objectives. This eliminates the risk of human error, saves precious time, and yields stronger results.
  • Advanced User Interface and In-Depth Analytics: Feedvisor’s intuitive user interface learns and adapts to user behavior and automatically alerts customers with the most valuable updates and optimization actions. Customers have access to in-depth, real-time performance analytics across advertising campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and products.

Advertising on Amazon has expanded rapidly in the past year. According to Feedvisor’s 2020 analysis of U.S. brands, nearly three-quarters (73%) of brands selling on Amazon currently advertise on the platform, up from just over half (57%) the year prior. Of the brands advertising on Amazon, three in five said it generates their highest return on media spend, with nearly half (47%) experiencing at least a 7x return. While the potential for success on the platform is undeniable, one-quarter of brands selling on Amazon cited advertising as a challenge for their business.

“Consumer behavior has fundamentally shifted. Marketplaces, led by Amazon and Walmart, have reshaped e-commerce, and we have seen this further accelerate due to COVID-19,” said Dani Nadel, Feedvisor President and Chief Operating Officer. “Brands and retailers need to invest in impactful and efficient full-funnel advertising strategies, fueled by data and technology, in order to engage with customers, tap into evolving consumer behavior, enhance product and brand discovery, and scale profitably. Our advertising optimization platform delivers outstanding results and is the only enterprise-grade, high-performance platform in the industry. Integrating Feedvisor’s exclusive SearchGraph technology and machine-learning algorithms, brands and retailers can confidently and consistently increase market share, improve engagement and conversion rates, and automate time-consuming tasks.”

Feedvisor’s algorithms are built on more than 11 terabytes of transactional, search, discoverability, and advertising data. The company manages and optimizes every Amazon Sponsored ad type, as well as Amazon DSP, and manages more than $2 million per month in ad spend across over 2 million products. As a result, customers already leveraging the advanced technology have experienced a 41% increase in CTR, 72% increase in RoAS and 45% decrease in ACoS.

“Feedvisor has become an indispensable component to our Amazon Advertising strategy,” said Adam Shaffer, EVP, General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer at Omni-Channel Distribution. “Their enterprise platform and expert team have enabled us to increase market share and optimize our presence on Amazon, and we are very impressed with the consistent results we have seen across our clicks, conversions, sales, and ACoS. The predictive reporting and automated optimizations allow us to always stay one step ahead of our competitors while increasing our operational efficiency beyond human capabilities.”

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