PDF.co Launches AI-Powered Data Parsing Tool to Handle Business Data Extraction Needs

PDF.co now enables businesses to automatically extract data from invoices, orders, and other business documents. The new feature expands the multilevel capabilities of the business automation platform PDF.co.

Automatically extract data from a range of documents

Businesses today look for high levels of automation to save money and effort. The Document Parser from PDF.co will enable businesses to achieve their purposes with automated data extraction invoices and orders.

The process is driven by AI and needs no human involvement. Businesses can easily integrate the PDF.co Document Parser feature through more than three hundred integrations. All leading automation platforms like Zapier, Integromat, UiPath, BluePrism, and others can interact with PDF.co without any hassles.

Document Parser not only reduces overheads but also boosts productivity. Businesses can automatically extract data like invoice date, due date, total, and other details from documents uploaded as PDF into their own server or file-sharing services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, and others. With AI-driven document reading they don't need a person to sit at a desk and type data from invoices and orders manually.

Additionally, data accuracy also increases by eliminating human involvement. Enterprises can rule out errors and typos that are common during data entry. They can enjoy high-quality data that improve business decisions and assure growth. It is also important that integrating with the PDF.co platform is easy and cost-effective because customers can pay only for what they use.

The Document Parser is just another addition to the growing set of features at the PDF.co platform.

PDF.co is a data extraction and management platform. Owned by ByteScout, the platform is extensively used by many businesses, including Fortune 500 names. ByteScout also provides enterprise solutions for cloud and on-premise installations.

Source: https://pdf.co/

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