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Streebo Announces a Bot Store for AI-Powered BOT Solutions

Streebo launches a Bot store of full-fledged, enterprise-grade AI powered BOT Solutions for customers on-the-go! During this new wave of digital transformation amidst the pandemic (when every company out there is going digital), Streebo announces its own Bot Store for AI powered Bot solutions fueled by IBM Watson and IBM Cloud Paks.

"An average of 25% customers finds it difficult to get the information of the products and services from the company's website, which reveals a substantial amount of business lost because of unready and discreet information positioning."

This and many such insightful stats have pushed the world towards invention of Chatbots! These Chatbots which can mainly be categorized into two main, broad categories, FAQ based and these chatbots are often termed as the 4th Industrial Revolution as they are at the epicenter of automation in today's digital world. "Every company out there will need a Chatbot solution", says Rauf Memon, Head of Sales at Streebo. "At Streebo we believe that every web and mobile app in the world will turn into a Conversational Interface and AI powered Bots (with which consumers and employees alike can chat and speak to) will eventually replace today's traditional web and mobile applications". Last year, Streebo, an expert in IBM powered AI based FAQ as well Transactional Chatbots announced its very own, cutting-edge Bot Builder. Along with their cutting-edge Bot Builder, Streebo's newest, unique, and very innovative store of Bot solutions will help customers pick and choose their AI powered Bot solution, based on the unique positioning of their Business in the market (very easily) with just a Swipe, Pick and Roll motion!

The various intelligent AI powered Chatbot solutions that can be swiped on-the-go has been categorized into 3 broad buckets - Industry the customer belongs to, Domain they would like to cater to and Technology, a customer would like to tie its Bot solution to. This unique combination of categories or rather functions essentially is the key for any customer to feel instantly at home as they can envision their entire solution while browsing the Bot Store itself! These categories (Industry, Domain and Technology) will help any customer pick and choose their IBM powered Chatbot solution instantly and add any more custom use-cases to enhance their solution further. It also has its own AI powered Chatbot to help customers pick their choices quickly and navigate easily through the store! The Industries provided range from Banking, Insurance, Retail to Government, Utilites & Aviation. This extensive listing of Industries is further demarcated by their functions and sub-categories. For example, under Banking it has Corporate Banking, Retail Banking and more along with relevant solutions for Agent, Employee and Customer facing Bots. The Industry segment itself is so extensive and rooted deep down to the services tile that it almost helps the customer visualise its entire need, requirement and solution right there and then. A unique and a very thoughtful feature!

Streebo's Domain & Technology Specific Bot Solutions, fueled by AI technology and IBM Watson & IBM Cloud Paks

The Bot store also showcases some interesting Domain specific Bot Solutions such as HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance and Customer Services, among others. These Domain specific AI & IBM powered Bots usually ensure that employees complete and track their tasks efficiently and in turn save an organization Millions ($$) in Operational Costs due to the enhanced productivity benefit they offer. By automating mundane tasks via these Domain specific Bot solutions, employees can be directed to more creative and innovative tasks providing overall benefit of resourcefulness to the employer. Take for example the HR Bot solution which automates a bunch of HR functions and make them all available on a simple-to-use Chat interface!

Streebo recognized the importance of various tools & technologies that an organization uses or rather is dependent on along with its affinity towards a particular brand or application, as in addition to Industry and Domain specific solutions, it also offers a quick checkout of various BOT offerings for Technology specific applications like IBM Cognos, HCL Commerce, Connections, FileNet and SAP among others.
Such a unique catalog and an entire store of Bot solutions is a hard find! Envisioning and designing a solution is half the battle won while implementing a digital transformation initiative. Such an extensive, detailed, business-oriented, well thought-out mall of options helps you envision that Bot solution which will fit your organization instantly. One has to be a Bot expert and a well thought out Business leader to offer Businesses such a useful offering of a Bot Catalog!

Now are you wondering, why should companies have to create Bots from scratch?!

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