Uizard’s World-First AI-Powered Theme Generator Launched

Uizard -- the company known for its groundbreaking technology that turns hand-drawn sketches into web or mobile apps in seconds -- is launching a new "theme generator" product today that allows users to create custom themes for websites, mobile apps, or any other design asset at the touch of a button.

Previously only available to beta users, Uizard's "sketch-to-app" technology, along with the just-released theme generator, are now available to the general public in both free and paid versions directly from the Uizard website.

Uizard's world-first theme generator tool uses artificial intelligence to automatically extract colors, fonts, and other styling properties from virtually any visual input -- a URL, JPEG, hand-drawn painting, and more. Using Uizard's technology, a start-up could design all of their creative assets -- from business cards to slide decks -- simply by inputting their company's website URL into the theme generator tool.

Uizard's theme generator adds to the company's suite of design tools for non-designers, which include its sketch-to-app technology that allows users to turn hand-drawn sketches into web or mobile apps in seconds. With this technology, users can upload hand-drawn sketches of an app or website and Uizard will turn those into usable digital products — squiggly lines become text blocks, squares or circles with an "X" become images, a rectangle with a squiggle mark becomes a clickable button.

Current Uizard users include some of the world's biggest companies, such as IBM, Google, Adidas, Hitachi Solutions, Cognizant, Samsung, and Experian. Over 120,000 people have signed up to try Uizard's non-design tools.

"Help is on the way for non-designers, those sick of being pigeon-holed into cookie-cutter templates, or those locked out of the design process altogether," said Uizard CEO Tony Beltramelli. "For decades, designers have been spoiled with specialized tools just made for them: Photoshop, Sketch, InVision, Figma, to name just a few. It's time for a tool made for the rest of us so we can have a say in the design process too."

Uizard's groundbreaking technology works by leveraging machine learning principles in new and interesting ways. The company has pioneered the training of neural networks to generate text -- in the form of symbolic representations and computer code -- from user interface images.

This enables the Uizard software to scan an image, generate lines of computer code based on what it sees, and use this information to infer the concepts represented in the image — a login form, a button with a text that says "purchase," a website navigation bar.

As a result, this technology allows users to easily and quickly turn rough hand-drawn sketches into interactive app screens, or turn screenshots into editable design layouts.

As a design tool for non-designers, potential users span a wide variety of roles and responsibilities across most industries. In beta testing, users ranged from founders, marketing executives, product managers, engineering leads, business analysts, and more.

Popular use-cases from beta testing include founders using the product to create their company's first interactive prototype; teams using it for brainstorming and design sprints; and agency consultants creating prototypes for clients without a designer.

The Uizard team made headlines with the release of a research paper in 2017 that outlined the team's unique machine learning approach. That research formed the basis for the company's core technology and has now been cited in more than 100 scientific papers including peer-reviewed articles from researchers in the world's most prestigious institutions such as MIT, University College London, Brown University, University of Edinburgh,

The Alan Turing Institute, and others; and industrial research labs such as Google Research, Microsoft Research, Adobe Systems, IBM Research, and others.

Uizard was founded in April 2017 by a group of friends in Denmark. The company is led by CEO Tony Beltramelli, whose prior work has focused on data science and machine learning. Beltramelli was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 in 2019. Uizard's product advisors include Kai Haley, Head of UX Methods and Process and Lead of Sprint Master Academy at Google; Benjamin Wilkins, VP of Design at Jumpstart; Julianna Slocum, Staff User Experience Designer at LinkedIn; and others.

Said Beltramelli, "Today, every company, regardless of industry, is a software company that needs to build user-friendly products to serve customers, employees, or both. Despite this, most employees are not software design experts. Uizard's mission is to democratize design, and enable anyone to easily and quickly materialize, communicate, and test their ideas."

Uizard is now available in three different versions, ranging from free to USD 39 per user per month. More information about pricing and service tiers can be found on the Uizard website here. Courtesy images can be found here.

Uizard has raised $3.6 million in funding from a number of investors, including byFounders, LDV Capital, av8 Ventures, New York Venture Partners, The Nordic Web Ventures, 7Percent Ventures, Tiny VC and angel investors Scott Kurnit, Peter Stern, Julia Qiu, Duncan Grierson, Lars Houbak and Alex Spiro.

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