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Samsung’s New Robot Vacuum Cleaner Offers Quieter Operation

Samsung has unveiled a new robotic vacuum cleaner known as the Navibot Silencio that can operate automatically to enable users to clean floors. This hands-free floor cleaning equipment is quieter when compared to the previous Navibot models.

The company claims that the Navibot Silencio delivers a noise output of about 62dB, the intensity of which is as low as a normal conversation heard from a distance of one meter.

The Navibot can be scheduled to clean a full room at the press of a button. The robot can also be set to allow users to get back to a freshly-vacuumed home. The robot detects obstacles in the way by using 39 sensors and a ‘Visionary Mapping System’ that is controlled by two computer chips. The robot thus prevents hazardous accidents such as cables, stairs and open fires. The robot is set to return to its base for recharging on completion of the task. The robot can start fresh again in less than two hours.

The Navibot Silencio comes equipped with a HEPA filtration system for filtering fine particles inside the machine. The air expelled by the Silencio is free from dust and allergens, thus making it suitable for allergy sufferers.

In the case of heavy debris from carpets, the Navibot offers a turbo-clean setting that offers maximum suction while the brush protection comb claims to remove pet hairs effectively.


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