Testim Introduces AI-Powered Self-Healing Platform to Accelerate Salesforce Testing

Testim, the leader in AI-powered test automation for modern software teams, introduces Testim for Salesforce, a self-healing platform for efficiently testing your Salesforce application customizations and integrations. Agile software teams accelerate Salesforce testing by up to 90% while reducing test updates and maintenance by 80% over traditional tools.

Salesforce applications are integral to many organizations' sales, marketing, service, and fulfillment processes and are often customized and integrated with other applications. Testing is necessary, yet test automation tools and frameworks fail to handle the dynamic nature of Salesforce components.

Testim was built with AI-powered locators and features to automatically identify Salesforce's styled CSS, custom objects, and Shadow DOM. Testim for Salesforce leverages Testim's AI-powered test automation platform with new features to address testing challenges unique to Salesforce, such as Apex code and SalesforceDX integrations.

"We have dozens of customers testing their customized Salesforce applications and integrations today. We decided to add some new features specifically to make life easier for Salesforce developers and QA teams," said Oren Rubin, CEO of Testim.

Source: https://www.testim.io/

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