ThoughtWorld Launches Second Generation AI-Generated Online World

ThoughtWorld, Inc. announces the launch of its second generation AI-generated online world. This social media disruptor brings civility back to online discussions without censorship and lets people visualize public opinion so they can decide for themselves what to believe. For every opinion, even those censored on other platforms, ThoughtWorld lets users see what others think and why. This game changer allows everyone from ordinary people to leaders at the highest levels of government to understand what the world really thinks in real time. The game/tool is available for free on iOS, Android or at

"With so many lies and half-truths out there, and censorship and cancel culture keeping some ideas suppressed, it's hard for people to know what to believe" said the late CEO and Founder Robert Ming. "This game/tool brings transparency back and helps people do their own research to figure it out for themselves." Ming, a former Mayor of Laguna Niguel, California, created the innovative platform in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic to provide people a safe place to share their thoughts and see what others think without fear of retribution or invasion of their privacy. "We need to understand each other again, and the only way to do that is to be unafraid of ideas. People need to grasp not just what others think but why. ThoughtWorld takes the egos and political labels out of the discussion and gives power back to the people."

ThoughtWorld sells aggregated data through a suite of dashboards and facilitates targeted connections between campaigns or companies and thinkers, while keeping user privacy protection as their top priority. "Political campaigns and companies have expressed keen interest from a market outreach and 'new money' donor identification perspective," explained Sanford Cameron, Chief Revenue Officer, "but it is not like traditional advertising. If a candidate or company wants to find a Thinker they can do incredibly specific targeting, but the Thinker is in control. We tell the thinker exactly who wants to connect with them and why, then the thinker chooses if they want to connect or not. ThoughtWorld puts users back in control of their data, not big tech."

The team is rapidly rolling out new artwork, speed enhancements, and functionality improvements to the platform, but already it is unlike anything the market has ever seen. "The key difference between this platform and traditional polling is that this is actually fun!" commented Lessie Russell, Chief Customer Officer for ThoughtWorld. "We are giving people a rich and immersive experience where they can share and learn at the same time. People no longer have to wade through huge comment trails full of ego-driven rants and self-promotion to find that nugget of clear thinking. We curate thoughts into clear statements for all the world to see."

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