Limitbit Technology Announces the Launch of Kickstarter for AI-Powered Household Robot

Limitbit Technology Inc. - the Canadian startup founded by engineer Levent Erenler - is proud to announce that its Kickstarter for Doly, an AI-powered companion that bridges the gap between utility-oriented and pet-like household robots, is launching on May 10th, 2022.

In late 2019 the "desktop robot" had its moment but failed to make a lasting impact. Limitbit founder & CEO Levent Erenler wanted to create a better experience. The result is Doly: an artificial intelligence-powered desktop pet that also incorporates programming education and can operate independently of cloud access.

So, what exactly is Doly for? Whatever its users make of it, really. Here are some of the key features the companion robot will offer:

  • A unique character: leaning into its pet-like characteristics, Doly will respond to external stimuli and develop its own personality thanks to its advanced AI technology.
  •  "Hey, Doly!": referred to in artificial intelligence as "natural-language understanding" (NLU), Doly comes with voice control just like all your favorite mobile devices. You can ask Doly to set a timer or tell you the weather and time.
  • See the world through new eyes: Doly's wide, expressive "eyes" include a camera that is equipped with facial recognition, allowing it to take photos, find its way around, and stream its "vision" to other devices.
  • Movement: supported by sensors that help to avoid obstacles, Doly will move autonomously and can also be controlled remotely.
  • Learn to code: accessible for learners of all ages and abilities, Doly can teach users block-based coding powered by Google's Blockly software. Doly explains how to program fun and unique animations.

"Technology is rapidly evolving and everybody wants a piece of cutting-edge innovation." said Erenler, "But due to a lack of options, people have unfortunately had to choose between an educational or a companion robot. That's why I founded Doly: I dreamed of a design that offered all-in-one technology in a smart and elegant way."

To learn more about Doly or to support the project on Kickstarter, click here.

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