MrBioClean Adopts OhmniLabs’ Autonomous Robot to Provide Effective Hospital-Grade Disinfection

MrBioClean, the Mid-Atlantic's leader in pathogen remediation and biosafety technology, is adopting OhmniClean™, the fully autonomous robot that utilizes the power of UV-C light to provide hospital-grade disinfection. Since the pandemic, there has been a growing demand among MrBioClean's customers to raise the level of commercial cleaning on par with medical facilities.

Despite the heightened demand, the economics of traditional disinfection methods remain unchanged. The use of electrostatic sprayers, for example, requires precious people power that drives up operating costs and makes scaling up a challenge.

To address the critical market need for fast, simple, and effective disinfection, MrBioClean has partnered with OhmniLabs, a Silicon Valley robotics company, to introduce OhmniClean. "OhmniClean's innovative technology has been proven to successfully reduce pathogen counts, and it is user-friendly and easy to deploy by training only 1 or 2 people," says Ken Frasier, MrBioClean CEO. "Using the robot, MrBioClean will have the ability to service businesses and municipal clients, offering hospital-grade disinfection to sensitive environments where electrostatic spraying was not viable.

"Having hospital-grade disinfection at our gym is critical in keeping our customers safe from illnesses," says Jameel McClain, owner of Retro Fitness in Catonsville and former Ravens linebacker. "We are thrilled that MrBioClean is incorporating OhmniClean into its disinfection process. Keeping our customers safe is our number one priority."

McClain is a former Ravens linebacker and now the team's director of player engagement. He and his wife, Keisha, own several local businesses, including RetroFitness gym where they take lessons from football and apply them to fitness with a team approach to workouts.

Apart from adding OhmniClean to services it offers to current customers such as schools, military bases, municipal buildings, rehabilitation centers, and senior living facilities, MrBioClean plans to introduce the chemical-free UV-C disinfection process to new sectors such as grocery stores and water sanitation. Recent studies demonstrate the additional benefits of using UV-C post-harvest. As well as being an effective sanitizing solution, it has been proven to extend the shelf life of fresh produce. This is as UV-C light blocks microorganism development by altering their DNA and can trigger the defense response against pathogens attacks.

"OhmniLabs' autonomous robot lets us meet our customer's new disinfection needs by giving them a safe, non-chemical option that delivers hospital-grade results," says Frasier. "It also allows us to enter new markets, beyond our current customer base and even beyond the Metropolitan Washington DC area. This is an exciting partnership that will enable us to win new business."

OhmniClean is the world's lightest and most user-friendly high-powered UV-C Disinfection robot available today. Ideal for use in hospitals, schools, hotels and other environments that require deep cleaning in high-touch, hard-to-reach places, OhmniClean aims to eliminate the risk of bacteria and viral transmission and can disinfect a 3,000 sq ft space in less than 15 minutes.

"We designed OhmniClean, a fully autonomous robot, so that innovative companies like MrBioClean can offer medical-grade disinfection to as many customers as possible," says Dr. Thuc Vu, OhmniLabs CEO. "Autonomy is the future of disinfection; it provides fast, simple, and effective results. We look forward to a successful partnership here."


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