Aesthete Genius Uses AI Technology to Empower Patients Seeking Aesthetic Treatments

A new app is changing how patients seeking aesthetic treatments choose which procedures to do. Aesthete Genius uses AI technology to show patients and clinicians what the results of various aesthetic injectables and treatments would look like post-treatment. Armed with these illustrations, patients can make more informed decisions about their treatments, while clinics can offer a more interactive consultation process showing patients projected treatment results.

Maintaining a natural look is paramount for most people seeking aesthetic injectables and treatments. And when it comes to trying out new procedures, many patients worry about the results, hoping they didn't get too much done, which can lead to an unnatural look. Aesthete Genius seeks to alleviate these concerns, giving patients realistic AI renderings of the results from various aesthetic treatments.

More than an image rendering tool for the patient, Aesthete Genius also assists clinicians by giving them valuable insight into creating the patient's desired look. For patients seeking injections, Aesthete Genius's renderings recommend to injectors which areas to treat so an appropriate treatment plan can then be crafted in office with the patient.

In addition to recommending to clinicians on which areas to treat, Aesthete Genius also benefits clinics by providing a more comprehensive consultation process that gives clients greater peace of mind. Clinics can use the app's AI technology to show clients how various treatments will enhance their looks and allow patients to offer feedback on scaling treatments to achieve their preferred look.

Sarah DeLaet is the creator of Aesthete Genius. She has been a nurse injector for over 13 years, training with some of the top aesthetic specialists in North America and Europe. She has also trained others in the industry, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, nurses, and both new and experienced injectors.

As an industry veteran who has worked with thousands of patients, she has learned that most clients prefer natural looks. And she also has learned that many of her patients might not initially know what procedures they want or need done, but they know they want something done to enhance their beauty subtly.

With these client-centric needs driving her vision, DeLaet created Aesthete Genius. She wanted to give patients access to tools that show them the realistic outcomes of various aesthetic injectables and treatments. She hopes that the tool will help those hesitant about taking the plunge into the world of aesthetic treatments build the confidence to do so while also helping those prone to overdo it to refrain from being over-injected.

"I want to change the stigma of aesthetic treatments looking unnatural and create a higher standard for the aesthetic treatment industry," said DeLaet. "Technological advancements have been slow in the aesthetics industry, which is a problem I want to help solve. Aesthete Genius is one solution, offering an innovative approach to empowering patients everywhere to make the right decisions for their beauty needs."

Patients can download the Aesthete Genius app for iOS devices in the App Store. Clinics looking to use Aesthete Genius as a consultation tool can learn more at:


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