Curium and Linh AI Partner to Generate High-Quality Ground Truths for ML Training

Curium, a leading developer of automated calibration services for Autonomous Systems has formed a partnership with Linh AI a leading provider of data annotation tools and services for Camera and LiDAR sensors.

Curium's automated calibration software ensures that the vehicle's sensor suite is working as it should, even under dynamically changing conditions. This is a critical problem to solve, as sensors which are out of adjustment can lead to mis-detections and accidents. Curium's offering will leverage Linh AI's Graviton platform to manage, curate, and semi-automatically annotate data at scale by connecting AV companies with a network of thousands of annotators.

Through the partnership agreement, Curium will apply its patented calibration techniques to its advanced driving system which helps to ensure high-quality sensor data for both LiDAR and Camera sensors. The generated data will be processed with Linh AI's platform to generate high-quality ground truths for ML training.

Curium and Linh AI will also cross-sell their products and services throughout Southeast Asia across multiple sectors, including automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), shuttles, robotaxis, and various industrial applications. The partnership between the companies builds on Curium's strong relationships in Asia, including Korea, Japan, and the EU.

"We are pleased to announce our partnership with LinhAI to provide them with high-quality sensor fused data for their Graviton platform to generate reliable ground truths for ML training for AD applications," said Dr. Ali Hasnain, CEO, and founder of Curium.

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