BHOUT Launches the World’s First AI Boxing Bag

Portuguese-based start-up BHOUT has developed the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) enabled punching bag, which is due to launch in the UK during 2023 (and US) in a bid to capitalise on the consumers who find traditional physical fitness concepts outdated. 

Image Credit: BHOUT

Six years in design and development, the breakthrough AI solution is predicted to take the UK market by storm. Benefiting from machine learning, BHOUT opens up entirely new opportunities for boxing training. The sleek, modern, attractive bag comes fully fitted with smart technology and biometric sensors. It’s the world's first heavy bag with a brain; capable of studying the Bhouter’s strikes and strength and tracking data through the BHOUT app. 

Using data, BHOUT can continuously challenge and motivate; as well as teach the sweet science of boxing. What’s more it can even match your fight intensity to your mood.

In addition to its tech capabilities, the bag’s body is multi-layered and boasts life-like tactility, with the core composed of 85% water to avoid the risk of injury.

Inspired by video games, the bag has an integrated nudging system, made up of colours and music aimed at each type of training and intensity, which helps to improve the player's motivation. By using the BHOUT Bag and app consumers can:

  • Play or create BHOUT STRK routines
  • Track and compare progress
  • Connect and compete with the global BHOUT community
  • Earn and use Jab$ (in app token)
  • Find a playlist to punch to
  • Create their own routines and sequences to earn rewards from
  • Book a bag at a studio*

The BHOUT App centralises competitive ranking and tracking allowing Bhouters to fight in any place at any time – with or without BHOUT trainers. Bhouters can earn blockchain-backed Jab$ for every STRK routine they complete – a true “sweat-to-earn'' reward system.

The BHOUT concept is formed on an entertainment eco-system to truly gamify fitness and enable consumers to keep fit, compete and earn BHOUT in-app tokens and rewards in the process. Bhouters can virtually compete against themselves or each other.    

What makes the BHOUT ecosystem unique is that Bhouters can also become trainers and earn in-app currency from the community. It provides content creators in the fitness space an open-source platform through which to reach new customers in new ways. Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, or even non-fighting games to exercise coordination and speed, STRK Routines provide BHOUT endless opportunities for engagement, connection, community, and relevance

Many Gen Z and alpha generation consumers find traditional physical fitness concepts outdated. As a result, health and fitness brands have struggled to shift the dial on consumer participation in fitness activity. Although impressive, augmented reality (AR) boxing, which currently exists in the market, doesn’t meet the realities of fighting, and virtual experience boxing expects too much of what the fighter’s reality is. BHOUT has an impressive combination strategy which delivers a mixed reality - hybridizing its offer to create a gaming and fitness experience like no other.

Functionally, the bag allows a 180º rotation, bringing a completely new experience, so it is possible to perform all sorts of strength training exercises and complement cardio. The sensors calculate the power and location of each strike and transmit this information to the BHOUT brain precisely.

The outside of the bag is made from organic material – artificial skin made from cactus leaves – with the environment in mind. It is 100% made in Portugal.

Initially, units will be limited. To be one of the first to have this gadget, just join the waiting list via the BHOUT.COM website.

* BHOUT Studios will be launching globally later in 2023. 



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