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Robotic Prescription Filler for Cherokee Health Center

The Cherokee Nation Redbird Smith Health Center underwent a remodeling recently and now has a new robotic system, which would help them to fill prescriptions speedily and reduce the waiting time for the patient.

Sallisaw Clinic Pharmacy

According to Cindy Glander, who is the pharmacy supervisor for the health center, they were now merging their data with that of the W.W. Hastings Hospital located in Tahlequah, and on completion they would be able to speed up the process much more.

The robotic system would fill up prescriptions specifically for patients who were day care and also clinic patients who needed take home medications. The complete CN Pharmacy network was expanded, of which the robotic system is a part. At present, the Sallisaw Clinic Pharmacy handles over 10,000 prescriptions on a monthly basis. According to the tribal officials, in the coming year, the number would significantly increase.

Six months was needed for remodeling, after which the team had to learn about the new equipment when they moved into the new space. Glander has revealed that moving to the new space and studying and gaining knowledge on the new equipment proved to be quite a difficult task. She stated her appreciation for the understanding shown by the patients, and also the committed work carried out by the staff for getting the operation running. Furthermore, she disclosed that they had already seen a boost in the quantity of prescriptions that were being filled out every month and expected that they would have the operation running smoothly very soon.



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