Edge Total Intelligence Integrates ChatGPT with edgeCore Platform

Edge Total Intelligence Inc. (“edgeTI”, “We”, or “Our”), the leader in real-time operations software, is pleased to announce the integration of ChatGPT with its edgeCore™ platform which in turn accelerates the use of Generative AI solutions in enterprise applications.

The first among many generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) to be integrated with edgeCore, this integration embeds the capabilities of ChatGPT into existing applications to drive rapid knowledge acquisition and implement working solutions without having to modify the existing applications.

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“Without edgeCore, integrating the knowledge transfer capabilities of ChatGPT with the tens of thousands of business applications in use today presents a daunting challenge for developers,” said Scott Lesley, CTO for edgeTI™. “Typically, it takes a great deal of time for capabilities such as these to be implemented across large enterprise applications. Likewise, users have to hope that publishers and SaaS providers implement their individual use cases and apply GPT in the ways they need to use them. With edgeCore, companies can seamlessly integrate GPT capabilities within their existing applications and workflows immediately to address specific needs without having to wait for modules and upgrades of unknown costs from vendors.”

Prior to creating the integration and workflow with ChatGPT from OpenAI, edgeTI worked with its partners and customers like OnSolve, an AI-driven risk intelligence and leading critical event management provider, on how to move and convey critical information clearly and concisely in all kinds of operations. In developing an approach to applying GPT technology, edgeTI employees conducted multiple experiments that evaluated the limits and operational dynamics of the generative AI.

“Our customers have been champing at the bit to integrate the power of GPT advancements into their business processes and asked us to help facilitate a secure integration of the capabilities,” said Nick Brigman, VP of Products and Partners. “It was truly amazing how quickly our engineers were able to operationalize the generative AI and utilize edgeCore’s data handling and orchestration capabilities across and between applications.”

In considering how this integration will help customers, uses are incredibly broad. Most people are familiar with ChatGPT’s use on the internet. Yet, by leveraging edgeCore’s secure integration capabilities, ChatGPT can access secure data repositories as well as public sources. Further, when you combine edgeCore’s ability to write back to applications and data stores, ChatGPT can find the right answer and edgeCore can propagate that knowledge in the appropriate format to multiple applications automatically.

“I’m extremely excited to see how our customers leverage this new integration in the coming months and evolve to other generations like GPT-4,” said Jacques Jarman, Chief Revenue Officer. “We are seeing broad applicability across all of our verticals from AIOPS and call center optimization to more business-oriented areas like Corporate Performance Management and Supply Chain Optimization.”

Interested parties can see this strategic advantage in use by arranging a personal demo and watching a short video showing ChatGPT with ServiceNow Inc., both of which may be accessed via the Company’s ChatGPT webpage.

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