AI-Powered Virtual Coach Copilot Launched to Deliver Personalized, Instant Support to Apprentices

Today FastFutures, powered by Avado, has launched their virtual "Coach Copilot", to support apprentices on their data and technology training programmes. Built using the latest Gen AI technology, Coach Copilot is designed to deliver personalised, instant and 24/7 support to apprentices, accelerating their learning journey.

"Our Coach Copilot has been trained on work-specific training needs to help our apprentices be more productive, coaching them the moment they need it." said Lee Arthur, CEO at Avado Learning. "We want on-the-job training to be fully supported with learning in the flow of work."

Beta testing has gone live this week with a small selection of apprentices, and FastFutures is already seeing great feedback. Companies interested in using Coach Copilot can sign up to the waitlist on the FastFutures website here.

Coach Copilot is being trained using FastFutures' unique programme content, which has been created by educational experts and then further curated to ensure that the support learners receive is based on accurate, relevant and safe information. Coach Copilot then leverages Gen-AI to craft responses to learners that feel conversational, as if speaking to a human, and it is available to learners 24/7.

"I can now spend more time helping learners achieve their personal development goals and understanding how to put their learnings into practice. The Copilot can help when I'm not around - and will help me really make the most of my time with learners when I am!" said Steve Dewick, a Learning and Development Coach at FastFutures.

Avado will use a phased approach to releasing the Coach Copilot, starting with FastFutures. It will then be rolled out more widely, informed by user feedback. Coach Copilot forms an exciting part of Avado Learning's commitment to provide innovative and effective digital skills training solutions.


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