Ambiq AI-Based HeartKit Supercharges Digital Health Intelligence

Ambiq®, a leading developer of ultra-low-power semiconductor solutions that deliver a multifold increase in energy efficiency, introduces Ambiq HeartKit, its latest addition to neuralSPOT's Model Zoo. This highly optimized AI model enables running various real-time heart monitoring applications to help users and their healthcare providers quickly identify any irregular events to take necessary actions. As with all Ambiq Model Zoo components, HeartKit includes scripts and tools to help AI developers add real-time ECG monitoring capabilities to their health-tech applications.

Image Credit: Ambiq

Personalized health monitoring is becoming ubiquitous with the development of AI models, spanning clinical-grade remote patient monitoring to commercial-grade health and fitness applications. Most leading consumer products offer similar electrocardiograms (ECG) for common types of heart arrhythmia. Ambiq’s HeartKit is a reference AI model that demonstrates analyzing 1-lead ECG data to enable a variety of heart applications, such as detecting heart arrhythmias and capturing heart rate variability metrics. Furthermore, by analyzing individual beats, the model can identify irregular beats, such as premature and ectopic beats originating in the atrium or ventricles.

"Ambiq's HeartKit may be the most comprehensive open-source TinyML™ implementation of AI-based heart monitoring for IoT endpoint devices," said Carlos Morales, the VP of AI at Ambiq. "The highly optimized AI model will help developers enable health-tech applications on Ambiq Apollo4 Plus SoC in a matter of minutes."

By leveraging a modern multi-head network architecture coupled with Ambiq's low-power SoC, the model is designed to be efficient, explainable, and extensible. While the pre-trained model is ready to use on Ambiq platforms, it also includes software to train, convert, and deploy customized models where needed. The HeartKit has been released under the permissive BSD-3 license for ease of deployment and development. Available now as a Technical Preview at [] to download and start developing AI today.

TSMC 2023 Technology Symposium #Shorts

TSMC 2023 Technology Symposium - HearKit. Video Credit: Ambiq 



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