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Elephant Robotics Achieves Success at BEYOND and Technology Innovation Expo

In recent times, there have been numerous international technology exhibitions taking place worldwide. It aligns perfectly with Elephant Robotics' desire to seek platforms to showcase its achievements to the world. Therefore, from May 10th to 12th, Elephant Robotics company actively participated in three industry exchange conferences, in the duration of the BEYOND Expo in Macao and the Technology Innovation Expo in Tokyo. These world-class technology exhibitions provided valuable and remarkable experiences for the company.

Technology Innovation Expo is a premier exhibition highlighting the latest technological innovations and advancements, driving forward the future of various industries.

"We had a successful exhibition showcasing our flagship products, including the myCobot collaborative robots and the metaCat robotic pet. During the event, we welcomed over 500 visitors, with nearly 70 expressing strong interest in becoming our partners, integrators, or end customers. The results were impressive, with approximately 60,0000 US dollars in sales achieved for educational robotic arms and robotic pet cats. We received on-site orders for 200 metaCat units and 50 educational robots from new customers". Hunter Chen, Director and Vice President of the Elephant Robotics, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome.

At the Technology Innovation Expo exchange summit, which was hosted by the Shenzhen Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), in collaboration with iMakerbase International Accelerator, Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, DMM.make AKIBA, and Nico-Tech Shenzhen. Over 60 Chinese and Japanese companies participated in the event together.the venue buzzed with unprecedented enthusiasm, 12 outstanding artificial intelligence companies from Shenzhen delivered on-site project presentations and shared their achievements.

"Not only did we accumulate expertise in the industrial sector, but we also conducted innovative cross-disciplinary research. Real-time interactive technology has been applied and analyzed in three aspects of robotic development and applications. Following developments demonstrate our commitment to pushing the boundaries of real-time interactive technology and its versatile applications in the field of robotics." Hunter shared.

"Firstly, real-time interactive technology was utilized to control a single-arm robotic manipulator, enabling its functionality in corresponding scenarios. Secondly, to address the challenges of unstructured and complex environments, we implemented real-time interactive control of humanoid robots using dual-handle VR controllers, allowing for application in relevant scenarios."

"Furthermore, we incorporated unsupervised learning and bio-inspired real-time interaction into companion pet robots, enabling them to autonomously provide feedback and engage in activities. This satisfies the emotional companionship and interaction needs of pet owners. "

In addition to the company's technical capabilities, he also mentioned the product layout. "In terms of our product matrix strategy, we have adopted a comprehensive approach and emphasized quantity to seize the market opportunity in the current lightweight collaborative robot market." Elephant Robotics offers a diverse range of robotic solutions, including a 6-axis collaborative robot, an industrial-style 6-axis small industrial robot, a 4-axis palletizing robot, and a cutting-edge 13-degree-of-freedom humanoid dual-arm robot. "We have also developed unmanned AGV carts, which can be combined with their mainstream robots to create a hybrid product line. This expansion in technological capabilities caters to various needs, from maker education in primary and secondary schools to interdisciplinary research."

The above developments in our product lineup demonstrate our commitment to providing a wide range of solutions and staying at the forefront of technology trends in the robotics industry. "After the conference, they eagerly approached Hunter, expressing their eagerness to collaborate and exchange ideas for future projects.

BEYOND Expo is a groundbreaking exhibition showcasing the cutting-edge advancements and innovations shaping the future across various industries. Elephant Robotics, in collaboration with NVIDIA, participated in the exhibition with the aim of gaining exposure to cutting-edge technology and understanding market trends as well as showcasing a range of products and solutions. NVIDIA has provided invaluable support for our products, and the exhibited products at this exhibition revolved around them. The exhibition highlighted the company's commitment as a leading lightweight robotics enterprise, both through the emotionally supportive metaCat product at the personal level and the robotic discipline development program at the societal level. This demonstrated the company's dedication to social responsibility.

During the BEYOND Expo exchange conference, Stacey, the assistant President of Elephant Robotics, captivated the audience by showcasing our latest products and the company's core philosophy "Bringing robots into everyone's life". The enthusiastic response from the participants was overwhelming, as evidenced by the thunderous applause.

Elephant Robotics would like to express gratitude to CCPIT, imakerbase for providing the opportunity to participate in these events, enabling fruitful exchanges with industry-leading talents and entrepreneurs. We also extend our appreciation to NVIDIA for inviting us to the BEYOND Expo and to iMakerbase for joining us on our journey to Japan.

These exhibitions have been incredibly beneficial for Elephant Robotics, and we look forward to future opportunities to participate and contribute. We also extend our best wishes for the continued success and growth of the BEYOND Expo and Technology Innovation Expo.


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