New Licensing Approval Enables KYAN Technologies to Offer OPTIM.AI for Cancer Patients

KYAN Technologies Pte Ltd, a leading biotechnology company headquartered in Singapore, is proud to announce the licensing approval of its cutting-edge clinical laboratory facility. The approval enables KYAN to offer Optim.AITM, a Functional Precision Medicine test, to support oncologists in making clinical decisions when treating each of their cancer patients.

KYAN Technologies specializes in integrating small data AI and biological experiments through its proprietary platform. This innovative approach aims to redefine the development and delivery of therapies to patients. The newly licensed laboratory will conduct Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), starting with offering guidance for lymphoma cases. KYAN will also offer research studies for other cancer indications, such as Colorectal and Breast Cancer. Furthermore, the technology platform will facilitate biopharma services, aiding the development of novel biopharmaceutical assets.

Located at the Temasek Life Science Laboratory, the clinical laboratory facility will play a pivotal role in KYAN Therapeutics' mission to bridge the gap in cancer care.

"Singapore becomes the first country to offer this breakthrough technology to support cancer patients. Our team is already hard at work to expand and bring our unique solution to millions of patients all over the world. The licensing approval of our lab moves us one step further to fulfil our mission", commented Mr. Hugo Saavedra, CEO of KYAN Therapeutics.

KYAN Therapeutics' newly licensed clinical laboratory also sets a new benchmark in functional precision medicine. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and staffed by a team of expert scientists, the laboratory will collaborate closely with leading academic institutions, clinical partners, and pharmaceutical companies. This collaborative approach aims to drive innovation and facilitate the translation of scientific discoveries into practical clinical applications, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide.


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