AI-Powered Tool Launches to Unlock 170k+ Global Climate Documents

Climate Policy Radar launches The Global Stocktake Explorer - an open AI-powered tool that has unlocked over 1,600 documents and 170,000 pages of global climate policy and research.

Funded by the ClimateWorks Foundation and Bezos Earth Fund, the tool enables access and efficient analysis of all documents in the first Global Stocktake - a major milestone where governments evaluate the world’s progress towards delivering the Paris Agreement.

The documents are now fully searchable to the public for the first time through a portal designed by Climate Policy Radar, a not-for-profit startup that is mapping and analysing the climate policy landscape globally using machine learning and AI.

Developed by a team of climate policy experts and data scientists, the Global Stocktake Explorer is an innovative application of AI and data science methods combined with deep domain knowledge that will empower researchers and policymakers to understand and accelerate climate action this decade.

The platform’s advanced search functionality means that research and analysis that would historically take days of manual work - or not done at all, due to the immense volume of inputs - can now be completed in minutes.

Users can search through the complete texts of the thousands of inputs to the stocktake, filter their findings by key terms, climate themes and sectors, and evaluate and compare findings between countries.

Key climate action themes such as mitigation, adaptation, means of implementation and cross-cutting have been labelled in the text to help users filter and analyse their findings. This enables users to easily search for a range of critical climate action levers and impacts, such as the use of policy instruments, mitigation and adaptation technologies, equity, human rights and the just transition, vulnerable groups, climate-related hazards, and financial flows.

Documents in all languages are auto-translated to English to break down language barriers for researchers and policymakers - a longstanding challenge in international climate collaboration.

Dr Michal Nachmany, Founder and CEO of Climate Policy Radar, said: “Our team is immensely pleased and proud to launch The Global Stocktake Explorer. By making all of these documents fully searchable and transparent, we are revolutionising efforts to track and assess the world’s progress in implementing the Paris Agreement, and support sketching the way forward. 

"Open and easy access to these documents is crucial to ensure accountability and efficiency in our global effort to implement the Paris Agreement. We are particularly keen on breaking down silos across topics and languages, and rapidly expand access to the lessons learned and good practices in climate action this far.”

Casey Cronin, lead of the Independent Global Stocktake at ClimateWorks Foundation, said: “This tool allows users to bring the core elements of the Global Stocktake to life and encourages engagement to fulfil the promise of the Stocktake. It connects the themes, opportunities, and challenges identified in the technical phase of the Global Stocktake to wider audiences, including those outside of the UN system. The next phase of the stocktake must now serve as a springboard to accelerate climate action, and the wealth of knowledge now available with a simple search is unprecedented.”

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