’s Skye Empowers Influencer Marketers with Cutting-Edge AI Capabilities, a leading innovator in the marketing technology industry, today announced the launch of Skye - the world's first AI companion specifically designed for influencer marketers. Skye empowers marketers with cutting-edge AI capabilities to streamline and optimize their influencer marketing campaigns.

In today's fast-paced digital media landscape, influencer marketing has become crucial for brands to engage with their target audience. Started five years ago, is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the influencer marketing space. caters to over 5,000 marketers from global brands and agencies running active influencer campaigns. The platform helps marketers find the right influencers, build collaborations, run campaigns, and track reports - all under one roof. now aims to revolutionize the industry with Skye, an innovative solution that combines state-of-the-art AI technology with influencer marketing expertise.

To elevate the AI capabilities of Skye, is tapping Google Cloud's Vertex AI PaLM API to bring you cutting-edge technology in influencer marketing. This collaboration paves the way for enhanced influencer campaign performance and success.

Skye offers a seamless and efficient solution to accelerate and scale influencer marketing efforts. Influencer marketers can expect a whole new level of ease and precision.

Magic Search: To Find The Perfect Influencer Match

Users discover the most accurate influencers for their campaign with Skye's Magic Search. They can achieve this by simply typing in their search criteria across 100+ languages or uploading an image or mood board if they're looking for a particular aesthetic.

Lookalike Recommendations: To Expand Marketers' Influencer Network Easily

Skye's Lookalike Recommendations feature allows users to effortlessly expand their influencer network. With a click of a button, Skye instantly provides a list of influencers similar to their chosen influencer, saving them time and effort while broadening their reach and potential collaborations. They can further engage in conversations with Skye to gain insights and recommendations to refine their influencer discovery.

Automated Email Generation: To Streamline Collaboration Effortlessly

Users save valuable time with Skye's automated email generation feature. Skye types out personalized influencer collaboration emails on the users behalf, ensuring a professional touch and expediting the collaboration process. Users spend less time on administrative tasks and more time building meaningful partnerships.

Brand Consistency and Risk Management: To Protect Brand Reputation

Skye acts as a brand's vigilant assistant, reviewing influencer-uploaded content to ensure brand alignment. It also monitors the comments section of influencer posts, proactively alerting users of any negative comments that may require immediate attention to safeguard the brand's reputation.

Sherie Ng, Country Director, Singapore, Google Cloud

"By integrating its proprietary database with semantic search capabilities and foundation models on Google Cloud's Vertex AI to power Skye, is turning tasks that used to take hours into quicker searches and conversational explorations, reimagining end-to-end influencer marketing as we know it, and transforming the novelty of generative AI into tangible value for its customers and business. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with forward-thinking companies like to drive new industry use cases with bold and responsible AI innovation."

Nisarg Shah, CEO and co-founder,

"We are thrilled to introduce Skye, the first ever generative AI influencer marketing companion. This groundbreaking technology is the result of leveraging Google Cloud's enterprise-grade and responsibly-developed generative AI and large language models. Skye represents a significant milestone in influencer marketing, empowering marketers to unlock the full potential of their campaigns. With's Skye, we aim to redefine the way marketers identify, engage, and analyze influencers, ultimately driving unprecedented results for brands."

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