Acceleration Robotics Unveils "Beta" of RobotPerf Benchmarks

Acceleration Robotics is thrilled to announce the beta release of RobotPerf Benchmarks in collaboration with global academia and industry leaders including Harvard, Klagenfurt University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Boston University, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Ford, AMD, Barnard College, Columbia University, and Carnegie Mellon University. This pioneering benchmarking suite is designed specifically to assess robotics computing performance, using ROS 2 as its foundation. A scientific paper of this collaboration is available at

About RobotPerf

Navigating the vast combinations of robot hardware and software can be daunting. RobotPerf brings forth a performance benchmarking solution to assess robotic-system performance in an architecture-neutral, representative, and reproducible manner. Building on ROS 2, the established standard for robot application development, RobotPerf serves as a crucial tool for roboticists. It facilitates informed decisions on developing efficient robotic systems and understanding algorithmic trade-offs.

RobotPerf Features and "Beta" Results

  • Open Reference Benchmarking: Centered around ROS 2, RobotPerf ensures architecture-neutral, real-world representative, and reproducible evaluations.
  • Extensive Benchmarks: Covering key robotic processes like perception, localization, control, and manipulation. Plus, stay alert for expanding categories!
  • Revolutionary Visualization: Beyond benchmarking, RobotPerf introduces cutting-edge visualization capabilities, turning complex robotics computing performance data into clear, actionable insights.
  • Flexible Benchmarking Approaches: Offering both GREY-BOX, optimized for real-world applications with minimal latency, and BLACK-BOX, perfect for quick prototyping.

Supporting Collaborators

This initiative is backed by a consortium of leaders from industry, academia, and research, ensuring technology-agnostic, vendor-neutral, and unbiased evaluations.

Discover More

The launch of RobotPerf Benchmarks beta sets a new standard in robotics computing performance evaluation. Robotic architects now have an unparalleled platform to refine their system design and optimization approach. The complete beta release is accessible now at RobotPerf Beta Release.


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