Revolutionizing Water Management with AI Partnership

A company utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to conserve billions of liters of water has joined forces with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) to advance its technology further.

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FIDO Tech is actively assisting communities worldwide grappling with water shortages and restrictions, collaborating with utility companies to safeguard UK resources and ensure water availability for communities in Australia, America, Thailand, and beyond.

The remote Murray Island community in the Torres Strait, Australia, successfully implemented the FIDO AI system as a crucial component of an integrated leak detection strategy.

This strategy involved collaboration with various technologies and partners, including the Torres Strait Regional Council and the global infrastructure asset management company Asset Life Alliance. Consequently, severe water restrictions were lifted for the first time in over two decades.

UNESCO recognizes the reduction of water leaks as a "low or no regrets" response to climate change, aligning with adaptation and mitigation efforts. Goal 6 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals emphasizes clean water and sanitation for all.

A significant challenge is that 90% of underground pipe leaks remain invisible above ground, and approximately 30% of the world's treated drinking water is lost from pipeline networks before reaching taps.

Victoria Edwards, CEO, FIDO Tech, stated, “At least a third of the world’s piped water is lost to leaks. This is a tragedy, but it is also an amazing opportunity. Leakage is a cheap, low-carbon source of water but until now it has always been in the ‘too hard to do’ box.

New disruptive technologies like FIDO AI are the only way to drive down leakage and non-revenue water and to challenge the climate change disaster that is pushing our communities towards Day Zero; the day communities run out of water.”

As climate change continues to have a catastrophic effect across the globe, there has never been a greater need to foster powerful internationally impactful collaborations and harness the power of research and new technologies to address global challenges.

James Miller, Professor, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of the West of Scotland

The innovative system operates by affixing a compact sensor to an asset, such as a water hydrant. By accessing a user-friendly application on a mobile phone, simultaneous measurements are gathered and automatically processed upon upload.

The technology employs a straightforward and efficient cloud correlation method, utilizing advanced AI developed in partnership with UWS, to acoustically pinpoint the precise location of the leak within a matter of seconds.

This project is an exemplar of what can be achieved when industry and academia collaborate. The pioneering project is making a real difference to communities being able to thrive as well as contributing significantly to addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Milan Radosavljevic, Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research, Innovation and Engagement, University of the West of Scotland

Companies globally are incorporating this technology into their water leak detection and mitigation strategies. FIDO Tech and UWS collaborated within the framework of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership program, financially supported by Innovate UK.

The influence of AI on water management is anticipated to grow. As technology progresses, AI systems are poised to become more sophisticated, enhancing the management of water infrastructure on a comprehensive scale.

This project shows the life-changing potential of AI and sensing technology and how it can be deployed to protect our natural resources, such as water, and help communities who are in need of innovative solutions.

Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir, Professor, School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of the West of Scotland

Shakir added, “It’s exciting to see the technology making a direct impact and solving grand challenges, addressing UN SDG 6 - water security. We are delighted to be continuing to work with FIDO Tech, through our sector leading KTP program.”

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