Bright AI Revolutionizes Language Learning With Personalized AI-Powered Features

Bright AI, the leading global publisher of AI-powered language learning apps with 25+ million downloads, announces the new AI-powered suite of features to provide users with the most effective and hassle-free language learning experience ever. The new suite is available on iOS for students from the UAE.

Bright AI dynamically builds a personal course for each of them with the latest AI technologies instead of following one given unified set of learning materials for every student. With GPT-4 under the hood leverages AI's capabilities for personalization and gamification as a key to efficient language learning. Bright AI paves the path to mastering the language through personal life goals and communicational patterns relevant to a student. Generative AI creates unlimited, engaging exercises for fresh learning and better control of the previously learned material.

The new feature suite enables three new AI-powered key functions that enable the most effective language learning. 

Learning in Context

Instead of a textbook experience with a predetermined user path, Bright AI offers flexibility in learning – which is very natural and life-like. Students are best motivated to study topics they like most for personal reasons, and Bright offers 42 different domains to meet the broadest demand – but whichever one picks as a priority study, they should learn about 6000 different words, phrases, idioms, phrasal verbs, etc, without which one could never master a language. Students need a vast array of exercises to get used to it all in a suitable context, and AI produces educational content tirelessly. Every bit of it activates new words on a difficulty level that suits a user best and increases over time. Also, every sentence was voiced by AI, which is now hardly distinguishable from professional actors.

AI-enhanced learning content is packed with three types of exercises: students have to construct sentences from listening, construct sentences from translation in their native language, and fill in missed words in sentences. Currently, these exercises are available in the UAE in seven original languages: Arabic, Czech, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. Bright AI is working on rolling out these features worldwide and on adding Chinese and German localizations. 

Pop-up with Feedback

Feedback is king, and self-studies often fail due to a shortage of it. AI has the capability to bridge this gap, much like a live tutor. Previously, Bright AI provided feedback for mistakes through a pop-up window, explaining errors and suggesting corrections. Leveraging AI to delve into context can elevate feedback to a higher level.

When a student marks a mistake, Bright AI requests GPT-4 to analyze the answer. Given its ability to consider phrases or words in various contexts, it doesn't just provide a brief statement of the mistake and a theoretical explanation from a textbook. Instead, it offers a detailed breakdown of the situation, presenting different correct options for implementing new words and grammar. 

Practice of Translation

Expanding the usage of AI, Bright AI offers students more complex exercises that closely resemble real-life scenarios. AI generates six sentences on a predefined topic, using words the student has already learned, tailored to their difficulty level.  Students are tasked with translating these sentences without any additional tips or support. Subsequently, Bright AI independently checks the answer first and then consults GPT-4 to verify the translation's accuracy and provide feedback.

This experience closely mirrors interaction with a live tutor, who guides the student through unfamiliar territory using feedback and progressively increases the level of difficulty in vocabulary and grammar. Thanks to AI's impeccable memory, students benefit significantly from repetition. Bright AI retains all the answers and mistakes students make, periodically integrating overlooked words and grammar into further studies

Bright AI CEO and Founder Dmitry Basalkin said: “Bright AI leverages the latest breakthroughs in Generative AI, speech recognition, and synthesis to provide every language student with a skilled and dedicated personal AI tutor, which is one click away.  AI is brilliant when it comes to designing numerous exercises that are relevant to what a user cares about, fit their current level of knowledge, and control their previous flaws. This combo secures fast and robust progress”.

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