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Cognex Receives Order for DataMan 500 Barcode Readers

Cognex obtained a large order from Kiva Systems for 140 DataMan 500 Barcode Readers. Kiva would incorporate the barcode readers into an advanced automated order fulfillment system, which is being created for a huge medical device manufacturer.

Cognex-DataMan-500 Barcode Reader

The DataMan Systems would read the barcodes on the product package and make certain that the correct items are sent to the correct destinations. It would also gather data for instant inventory management. This system was chosen by Kiva, as they could read the barcodes much more quickly and accurately than the conventional laser- based barcode readers and could perform even when the codes are damaged because of poor handling or printing.

According to Dr. Robert J. Shillman, who is the Chairman of Cognex, the DataMan system gives considerable productivity advantage to the project as here each package, which would be scanned, would have almost seven different barcodes on it. The conventional bar code readers would need to scan the product several times, whereas the DataMan would read all the barcodes at one shot in a single view, which would lead to increased throughput and handling efficiency.

This reader is a highly sophisticated device, combining the cost-effectiveness and user friendliness of laser scanners and the superb performance of image -based readers. It gives a steady and dependable reading of 1-D barcodes such as codes that are blurred, distorted, scratched and damaged or of low contrast and height, which are not normally ready by lasers. This bar code reader could also scan and read the modern 2-D codes such as QR codes and Data Matrix and also read at the same time multiple codes in the same image. As the system does not contain any moving parts that could wear out, it offers outstanding reliability and long life with low maintenance.



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