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Transforming the Future With Unparalleled AI and Hyperautomation

ConnectWise, the premier software provider committed to helping technology solution providers (TSPs) succeed, has announced that it has made noteworthy progress in both its ConnectWise SidekickTM and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution.

Transforming the Future With Unparalleled AI and Hyperautomation
Asio Platform. Image Credit: ConnectWise, Inc.

These products both use workflows, bots, and artificial intelligence (AI) found in the ConnectWise AsioTM platform. These revolutionary advancements liberate small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from tedious, repetitive tasks and enable them to concentrate on strategic initiatives. They are also revolutionizing the partner experience and transforming how services are delivered to SMBs.

The much-awaited reveal occurred at the Automation Nation 2024 conference, hosted at ConnectWise’s Tampa, Florida headquarters.

Specifically created with MSPs (Managed Service Providers) in mind, ConnectWise RPATM and ConnectWise SidekickTM are essential parts of the cutting-edge Asio platform, enabling increased automation, improving efficiency, and accelerating business growth.

Through the integration of AI capabilities and RPA options for technicians into the Asio Platform, MSPs can increase productivity, cut costs, and make extra money by establishing a fee structure that is not just dependent on labor expenditures.

The solutions give partners the freedom to select different approaches to problem-solving depending on the advantages of the individual technology.

When ConnectWise RPA was first released, its goal was very clear: by giving daily tasks top priority and addressing pressing issues, it would increase team productivity and optimize operations. Nonetheless, ConnectWise’s dedication to RPA technology advancements and empowering the IT channel ecosystem has resulted in more advancements. Among these improvements are:

  • Simplified Search Process: ConnectWise has integrated an RPA bot system that is well-categorized on the search screen, making it easy for users to find and use the right bots. This improves the client experience overall and speeds up problem-solving.
  • Improved Onboarding Procedure: During Microsoft onboarding, ConnectWise now alerts users to empty device configurations and missing components. This proactive strategy guarantees a more seamless onboarding experience by lowering deployment errors and effectively mitigating potential cybersecurity risks.
  • Better Restrictions: ConnectWise has improved restrictions by launching upgrades like more robust site mapping features. This enhancement makes it possible to map data more thoroughly and accurately, which enhances the accuracy and efficiency of RPA operations.
  • Streamlined Device and Client Management: In RPA bot input forms, ConnectWise has added features for sorting devices and companies. This facilitates the management of clients and devices, allowing users to navigate and manage their resources more easily.

Additionally, the business unveiled RPA Pro and RPA Essentials, the best options available to IT specialists trying to optimize productivity for their particular business requirements. When you have these strong tools at your disposal, partners can access a variety of features that can change the game, such as:

  • Partner-Created Custom Actions: Offers a dynamic and individualized method of workflow integration by enabling customization, design, and implementation of custom actions.
  • Easily Integrated Third-Party Actions: This feature improves interoperability and expands the capabilities of ConnectWise Workflow Orchestrator by enabling partners to integrate actions from outside programs that facilitate API access.

We are steadfast in our commitment to advancing our Robotic Process Automation technology and AI capabilities, empowering our partners to enhance productivity and provide exceptional service to their clients. By enabling our partners to automate daily tasks and operate more efficiently, MSPs can swiftly address talent gaps while delivering innovative services that drive business growth for their clients

Jeff Bishop, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Unified Monitoring and Management, ConnectWise, Inc.

In addition to strengthening its RPA capabilities, ConnectWise is giving top priority to enhancing the bot user experience (UX). Bots are now divided into distinct and well-defined categories as part of this initiative, like User Management and PC Management.

Furthermore, ConnectWise has included visual differentiators, which employ icons to make a clear distinction between endpoint, cloud, and on-premises bots. The goal of these initiatives is to give users an easy-to-use and seamless bot-interaction experience.

As MSPs continue to transition away from a distribution-driven world to one driven by marketplace subscriptions and cloud platforms, we are besieged with an abundance of information as well as user requests. This problem can no longer be affordably solved with human horsepower.

Rick Harber, Founder & CEO, Decision Digital

Rick Harber adds, “Instead, we must invest in tools that go beyond scheduled or triggered scripts. We must evolve and leverage workflows and robotic processes that automate these tasks with logic and intelligence. The introduction of ConnectWise RPA and workflow signals their intent to again be the leaders of the next great transformation in managed services. We are using them right now, and we are rewriting and streamlining processes as a result. And we are just getting started.”

A remarkable display of innovation was set in motion at Automation Nation 2024 when ConnectWise unveiled a plethora of cutting-edge features and capabilities. With a staggering array of 15 to 20 new ConnectWise RPA options, attendees were surrounded by seemingly endless possibilities.

Through the hyperautomation subset, the event provided a unique virtual community experience that enabled participants to partake in interactive activities, unlike anything they had experienced before.

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