DoorSpace Revolutionizes Healthcare Operations with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

DoorSpace, a redefining presence in the healthcare technology industry, has now deployed AI technology to improve operations within healthcare organizations.

In the first of three AI modules to be released, DoorSpace is currently harnessing AI-powered OCR technology, known as optical character recognition, to automate credentialing data so organizations increase efficiency and accuracy when documenting and storing company and clinician data.

AI-driven OCR technology recognizes and interprets different fonts, languages, and writing styles with greater accuracy and even recognizes handwritten text, which allows hospital files, which are often handwritten and kept in physical files onsite, to be easily transferred and kept securely in the cloud.

This process will save organizations many hours a week in manpower, and offers administrators and healthcare executives an organized source of data that is easily accessible and user-friendly.

"Our solution is aimed at helping clinicians and healthcare organizations on the backend. Administrators and healthcare workers spend hours of their day doing paperwork and transferring the same content, whether it's their license, resume, credentials or training certificates, into multiple places. This is a major time waster for healthcare workers. Our solution automatically reads the data with far greater accuracy than when overworked people copy and paste, and securely stores it in a place that is easy to access and use for administrators," says DoorSpace CEO Sarah M. Worthy.

DoorSpace's mission is to revolutionize the way healthcare organizations manage their data, with the end goal to help clinicians, who are burnout and overworked in a high-stress position.

"DoorSpace's solution really is designed to help physicians have a tidy and organized source of truth for their information. There's a big emotional value to having your information organized and stored securely in one place. It's all about having the peace of mind that everything is secure and accessible, and in my opinion it really solves a critical and undervalued problem that we face in healthcare today," shares Paul Bergeron, MD, Chief Physician Executive at DoorSpace.

How does the AI work?

Administrators can upload physical files such as licenses and credentials, which are then read by the AI-powered OCR program and digitally transferred to DoorSpace's secure system. The files can then be shared, accessed and stored for healthcare organizations.

"70 to 80 percent of documents used in healthcare organizations have errors simply due to human error. Constantly copying and pasting information leads to mistakes, and this AI technology reduces errors to less than a percentage point. DoorSpace's goal is to make healthcare organizations more efficient, and we are doing that with the help of AI on the backend to improve operations," explains Brian White, CRO and Co-founder of DoorSpace.

The next AI modules are set to be launched later this year, with the continued goal of improving and transforming healthcare organizations.

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