Broadcasting Automation with a Camera Robot

Camerobot Systems GmbH, a Bavarian company, has introduced a new approach to broadcasting. Camerobot is an Ultra-precise robot system for the automated movement of film and studio cameras in live broadcasting and/or VR sets. The system solves a number of long standing challenges on live and virtual studio sets.

The state of the art robotics system ensures constant quality of pictures and frames, using its precision, smooth motion, and the ability to shoot from a variety of angles beyond pan and tilt.

The system has a 4 meter operating diameter and can capture broad sweeps of movements. The Camerobot can be controlled both manually with a joystick or in automatic mode via studio automation. In this case the operator programs a pre-set series of locations. An optional aircushion system enables the camera robot to literally walk through the studio.

Staubli Robotics has redesigned a robotic arm for the camera robot that features a more force-resistant tilt unit, which minimizes vibration while providing greater agility with lower weight and fewer cables around the attachment interface.

Camerobot Systems was founded in 2010 on the basis of technology pioneered by Robotics Technology Leaders GmbH, bringing vast automation expertise to the broadcasting industry. Providing turnkey robotic camera solutions, Camerobot is a global leader in broadcasting automation and studio integration.

Camerobot Studio Solution at a glance

  • Camera robot with 7-axis broadcasting kinematics and "teachless" realtime controls.
  • Robotic system operating with a range of 4.0 meters in diameter with a positional accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm.
  • Freely movable in the studio using Camerobot Systems' own mobile platforms.
  • Programmable platform RoboKam Atelier for ultra-precise camera tracking with 4 ms resolution - including camera control.
  • Unlimited capacity for storing camera positions, movements and sequences.
  • Cosrobe Middleware for simulating programmed positions and tracking shots - also in combination with Virtual Reality Sets.
  • Easy integration into Virtual Reality Sets such as VizRT, Brainstorm or Orad, with no need for additional position gauging or recording systems.
  • Optional features: Object and person tracking, collision avoidance, combination of multiple camera robots and other studio equipment.


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