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WowWee Launches Toy Robot

WowWee, a leading provider of high-end consumer robotic products, has released Roboscooper, a robotic toy which grabs and carries lightweight objects of weight not more than 28g and then rolls across the floor for relocating them to a location directed by the operator.

RoboScooper Robot

The major features of Roboscooper includes articulated joints, obstacle avoidance, six rubber wheels, a cargo bed and a WALL-E-like head featuring infrared eyes. In the autonomous mode, the robot will pick up all the objects it encounters. With the help of a remote control, users can make the robot to grab the desired objects and the robot will re-position them by shaking its cargo bed.

The Roboscooper loads fun phrases like “Let’s go to work” and “One step closer to a cleaner world” and makes sound effects when it halts or backs up. It will convey vocally if it gets jammed or if the object is too big to carry. In the whack mode of operation, the robot will smack everything it comes across using its two hands.


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