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RobotWorx Dispels Myths Surrounding Used Robots

RobotWorx has been dealing with the purchase of used robots and reconditioning them for a number of years and has gained expertise in the field. Based on their experience with working with used robots, they have put forward a detailed explanation that helps in dispelling the myths surrounding the use of these used robots.


The first myth is regarding the reduction in the performance of used robots when compared to first hand robots. A general opinion is that used robots are sluggish and less accurate when compared to new robots. RobotWorx claims that with proper reconditioning of used robots their performance can be compared with new robots. The only difference is in the lifetime of robots, used robots last for 8 to 12 years while a new robot lasts for 10 to 15 years. The second myth is regarding the programming of used robots. A common belief among the industrial users is that used robots require laborious programming procedures when compared to new ones. RobotWorx however claims that programming patterns have not undergone much of a change in the past ten years; the process for which they are used also remains the same. Having said this RobotWorx explained that teach pendants can be used for programming used robots and set it up for the required applications without much hassle.

The third myth is that the spare parts for used robots are hard to find. RobotWorx contradicts the myth by pointing out the ready availability of parts for used robots when compared to new robots. High-quality parts are readily available at reasonable prices. The fourth myth is that lack of warranties for used robots. RobotWorx however, provides warranties for both used and new robots that they supply. The final myth about used robots is that the work history of the used robot tends to influence its performance. RobotWorx explains that they purchase used robots of very high quality and work on their reconditioning. The reconditioning of these robots involves replacing the parts and re-greasing the system and the robot finally undergoes an intensive 168-part inspection process. As a result the used robot is as good as new and its past performance has no bearing on its performance after reconditioning.



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