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Silent Lawnmower Robot for Automatic Lawn Mowing

For achieving silent and automatic mowing of the lawn, the Ambrogio Robot is the apt solution. The lawn mowing robot works in complete silence and provides a high degree of performance in lawn maintenance operations.

Ambrogio Lawn Mowing Robot

The robot works at a noise level of 65/72 dB (A), which is the ideal level for silent lawn mowing operation much to the comfort of the user. Conventional lawn mowers create a racket while working on the lawn, this noise causes discomfort for both the user and those resting in the adjacent gardens. Typically, lawn mowing tools consume a high degree of power, which gives rise to noise while operating. Municipalities have tried various measures to bring down the noise level such as limiting the use of these tools at different times of the day or even imposing bans on the use of these tools during select weekends etc. Ambrogio is available in four models in the USA, Ambrogio L50/L100/L200 and L300.

The Ambrogio L50 model is the basic model, which is capable of covering a lawn area of 400 sq m.. This model comes with safety features like the automatic stopping of blades in case the unit overturns. With the 4WD traction and compact size, the mower is best suited for mowing rugged slopes having a gradient up to 27⁰ . The Ambrogio L100 model is capable of mowing lawns having steeper slopes of 30⁰ gradient and even scattered lawns. The Ambrogio L200 on the other hand is designed with the patented sinusoidal transition system for improved safety of operation. It is available in three versions, basic, deluxe and evolution. Finally the L400 model is designed with Bluetooth connectivity for remote control and direct programming from a mobile phone. It is also built with an alarm system and password for identification purposes and prevention of theft.



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