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Vienna Design Week Includes Cake Decorating Robot

Mischer’traxler, an Austria-based design studio, has developed a robotic cake decorator for creating patterns on the cake surface and was demonstrated at the ‘Design Criminals Or a New Joy Into The World’, a design show held at Austria as part of the Vienna Design Week. It showcased products of various design industries like tattooing, floristry etc.

Cake Decorating Robot

The robot utilizes a continuous flow of frosting during swirling the cake and its arm carrying the frosting gets stretched and narrowed, resulting in designs resembling flowers. More intricate designs can be developed by operating the robot for an indefinite period.

Other than the automated cake decorator mischer’traxler, the design studio has also developed semi-robotic tools like solar driven exhibit which creates objects from thread and two designer three dimensional printing processes for making an useful random output.


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