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Vertical Turning Lathe Helps in Machining Automation

DS Technology has released Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL), an ideal machine, which can be incorporated with features like automated pallet alteration, automated tool swapping, grinding and milling abilities for including the advantages of automated single-hit machining in the production of bulky workpieces.

Vertical Turning Lathe

Berthiez, a member of DS Technology, has developed this machine. VTL can be deployed in various industrial applications including wind turbine production, aerospace industry, rotation of big wheels, production of valves in oil industry etc.

VTL’s turning-milling-grinding component is made of robust cast iron of thermo-symmetrical architecture with temperature reparation features. It is available in two configurations, which are termed as 'high speed' and 'heavy load'. The 'high speed' configuration features 630 to 800 rpm and is ideal for workpiece components weighing up to 3.5 tons. The 'heavy load' can handle bulky workpieces up to 20 tons with 220 to 500 rpm. It also features a backlash-free chain and two-stage gearbox which enables the machine to be operated to a table measuring up to 2.5 m in diameter.

The six roller holding packs can move along two straight guideways with the help of a ballscrew drive and a motor which is included in the crossrail / carriage assembly. Complete positioning of ram and feedback are offered by optical linear scales. Depending upon the height of the work piece, the vertical position of the crossrail can be altered in an increment of 100 mm for assuring that the ram is placed precisely and firmly to perform machining applications. The ram can utilize an inbuilt 40kW spindle motor or a C6 / HSK 63-80 turning tool to achieve a milling speed of around 6,000 rpm / 500 Nm and it can be integrated with a water-cooled electro-spindle for grinding operations at 8,000 rpm / 200 Nm. The C-axis positioning of the table  can be adjusted in 360,000 increments.

The machine can be incorporated with a six-axis robot with an in-built bespoke manipulator for substituting static and dynamic equipments and toolholder bases. It can be operated in combination with a storage rack which can hold around 200 tools and 20 tool holders and is placed to its right. The robotic tool change cycle includes tool cleaning feature as well. The rotary or linear multi pallet systems featuring pallet changing choices help in automated docking and undocking of workpieces weighing up to 6 tonnes. The user interference can be further reduced by offering an automated fixing on the machine pallets. Siemens 840D CNC system effectively controls the entire machining operations.


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