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Amerinet Members to Access Sysmex’s Automated Hematology Products

Sysmex America has declared that it has signed a three year dual source hematology contract with Amerinet for providing procuring or leasing rights to Amerinet GPO members to their automated hematology product line including reagents, analyzers, service and controls.

It was reported that Sysmex’s headquarters located in Illinois will offer technical knowledge to the Amerinet members.

This three year agreement also embraces the Sysmex XT-4000i Automated Hematology Analyzer, the latest analyzer of Sysmex America and it can be availed up to September 2013.

John Kershaw, President & CEO, Sysmex America expressed his pleasure on working with Amerinet and he said that this latest contract is the third successive hematology agreement with Amerinet, which indicates that the consistent performance of their hematology devices remain crucial to the existence of a laboratory in this modern healthcare period. He added that they are determined to cope with these requirements.

The members of Amerinet will also be offered Sysmex Peak Performance Program which is an extensive group of systems and repositories which are focused on Pre-implementation, Implementation and Long-Term, the three specific classes of system which can offer support services for the member-sites of Amerinet, thereby facilitating the GPO clients to opt for their preferred support service system.

The previous agreement made between Amerinet and Sysmex was the dual-source urinalysis contract.


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