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Bright Space Launches Telemetrics LIU-EX-3 Robotics Control Module

Bright Space Technologies, a global supplier of Telemetrics robotics control systems, has released the LIU-EX-3, the latest Telemetrics module that enables the interface of the robot to operate the Sony PMW-EX-3 camera’s standard lenses.

Colin Clarke, Senior Technical Sales & Support Manager of Bright Space Technologies, has stated that usually camera lenses should pertain to certain categories like teleconference or full servo for enabling Robotic PT heads to control these lenses, but the LIU-EX-3 module offers a quick update path for the manufactures who intend to shift to a cost-effective Robotic set HD production.

Previously, the standard 14x servo lens was substituted by 1/2" or 2/3rd" lenses by means of an adaptor. Clarke mentioned that this option remains as an alternative for wider ratio or distant zoom production necessities and their new module can be procured at an affordable price. The LIU-EX-3 also offers a peripheral controller developed exclusively for Sony PMW-EX-3 cameras, enabling clients with complete Telemetrics Control system CPS-ST-S to access the remote port of the camera for availing the camera’s 'paint' utilities.


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