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Vivint Automation System Enables Remote Monitoring of Home Security

Vivint™, the largest home automation services company in North America, is providing both convenience and security for those traveling over spring break. With so many homeowners planning to leave town, many are facing a heightened risk of home burglary.

Vivint’s home automation system offers extended security, keeping homes safe and allowing families to feel confident that their homes are safe while they’re away. According to the Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation, homes without security systems are three times more likely to be burglarized than those that are protected and have a yard sign from their security company.

“Having a Vivint system allows us to enjoy our family vacations more because we don’t have to worry about our home being burglarized; we know that Vivint is monitoring us and will alert us if anything happens,” said Stacey Thomas from Philadelphia, Mississippi. “Our Vivint system also gives us the ability to check on and view inside our house from wherever we are by simply using our smartphone.”

With a Vivint home automation system, customers can also enjoy the added advantages of remote access through their smartphones, 24x7x365 monitoring by one of the top monitoring centers in North America, and the ability to check the system’s status anywhere and at any time.

“Last year our family went on vacation to Panama. From my smartphone, I was able to let my mother in and out of the house to check on the mail, and I was able to remotely monitor and adjust my thermostat,” said Scott Simpson, a Vivint customer from Versailles, Kentucky. “It was simple and convenient.”

Customers can also use home automation features to make it appear that someone is at home throughout their vacation. Vivint’s lighting and small appliance controls are ideal for remotely turning lights on and off after dark and turning on the radio. Vivint’s automatic door locks are also a useful tool for vacationers. Not only can customers know at all times that their homes are secured, but they can use these locks to let people in remotely, whether it’s a house sitter or a friend dropping off the mail.

"I have been very pleased with my Vivint system,” said Mark Simpson of McComb, Mississippi. “Since I had it installed, my wife and I left the country on vacation and left the kids at home with their grandmother. It was very nice to be able to look in on them. All of the functions were easily accessible right from my iPhone."

For a one-time activation fee, plus a monthly monitoring charge, the Vivint Home Automation package provides simple, affordable home management and security. Customers can also add or subtract products to create a unique solution that meets their needs and use all the system’s capabilities to have a stress-free traveling experience. To learn more about Vivint’s home security, energy management and home automation offerings, visit our website.


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