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NAIST Researchers to Develop Table Tennis-Playing Robot

A team of scientists headed by Professor Kidode at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) are researching on a table tennis- playing robot.

This robot embraces a computer and a couple of high-end cameras and arms. It continuously examines the strategies of the opposing player for enhancing its game during the next play.

The sensors worn by the opponent helps in activating the system of the robot. Based on the information obtained from these sensors, the trajectory of the ball is forecasted by the robot. The NAIST researchers have reported that when the ball falls at a distance within 20 cm of the table tennis bat, the robot returns the ball at about 70% of the same time. Also the prediction made by the robot is 20% superior to a table tennis beginner.

The NAIST scientists are researching on improving the precision of the robot  and it is  expected that the outcomes of this research will be helpful to develop superior industrial robots.


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