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IntegenX’s Apollo 324 System Automates DNA Library Construction Process

IntegenX  has declared the release of Apollo 324 System, an automated benchtop workstation for automating the DNA fragment libraries building process, at the 60th Annual American Society of Human Genetics Meeting.

This robotic system is ideal for next-generation DNA sequencing and can construct eight DNA libraries within 3.5 hours, followed by amplification. Currently available reagent kits for the HiSeq 2000 NGS systems and Illumina Genome Analyzer are termed as PrepX.

The pipette head of the Apollo 324 System has 8 tips. It also features two Peltier heating/cooling units ideal for PCR plates and flexible magnets. It can handle around eight samples concurrently and can construct a maximum of 24 DNA libraries per day. Modified reagent kits enhance the robotic system’s performance. Its features include low price per reaction, precise and reliable outcomes. The adaptability of the Apollo system facilitates the users to include their desired adapters.

The high-speed separation, purification, end-repair automation, size selection, adapter ligation and A-tail addition of nucleic acids are performed by means of exclusive BeadX In-Tip magnetic bead capture system. The other features of Apollo 324 system include easy setup of reagent, user-friendly touch screen interface, reduced operator resources, elimination of library errors and high throughput.

Dr. Stevan Jovanovich, CEO and President of IntegenX, has stated that the Apollo 324 robotic system offers a superior performance and precision at reduced cost per DNA library construction. He added that the unique abilities of this system serve as a basic platform for abridging the future sequencing workflows.


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