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OMRON Releases New FH-Series Vision System

OMRON Corporation today announced the release of its new FH-Series Vision System. Designed for use in all types of object inspection, position/orientation and measurement operations, this compact and versatile camera and controller system is easily integrated into virtually any machine or robot.

The system is uniquely capable of providing faster, more precise work throughput - leading to increased efficiencies, cost reductions, and competitive advantage.

A key feature of the system is its advanced new vision algorithm, called Shape Search III. This sophisticated, intuitive program enhances performance, functionality and customization. With Shape Search III, the FH-Series Vision System offers higher-speed, higher-precision measurement of target objects even with difficult imaging conditions such as: poor lighting, out-of-focus and rotated/randomly positioned/overlapping target objects.

Omron's FH Vision System is specifically intended for seamless integration with PLCs, motion controllers, and robotics to meet the diverse needs of builders of high-speed manufacturing machinery. The system also offers flexibility for easy customization of HMI PC-based vision systems.

The FH system is capable of controlling up to 4 different high-resolution camera operations simultaneously with one controller. Advances in image acquisition speed, measurement speed, image transfer, and data output communication speed distinguish Omron's FH-Series vision systems from all other options in the machine vision market.

  • Compact Design
    • Designed to embed directly into the machine/robot equipment.
  • Powerful Performance
    • High-speed image acquisition and transfer; multi-camera bus connection enables fast transfer of high resolution images from up to 4 cameras
    • Independent high-speed and parallel image processing works with the 4-core CPU
    • Built-in EtherCAT communication enables high-speed output to PLC
  • Precision Tuning Capability
    • Non-operator-dependent calibration function ensures accurate motion control output of vision system results to the PLC, motion controller, or robot
    • Stability of settings and reliability of detection is significantly improved for higher precision and accuracy at high speeds
  • Flexibility
    • NPN and PNP output
    • Choice of 0.3M, 2M and 4M pixel resolution high-speed cameras


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