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European Gravimetric Drug Vial Database for Sterile Compounding Robots Published by Health Robotics

Health Robotics recently released to the pharmacy community at large, its European Database1 of 572 supported and “Live” drug vials for Automated Sterile Compounding, corresponding to 213 active pharmaceutical ingredients [170 for chemotherapy, 35 non-hazardous, and 8 mAbs], including supported drug brands, available vial sizes, and drug vial concentrations from 102 drug manufacturers.

Gaspar DeViedma, Health Robotics’ Executive Vice President stated: “We have now publicly released both the American and European gravimetric databases [website registration required], developed in cooperation with our customers and the support of the drug manufacturing industry, and which are currently used by our “Live” customers in our two primary markets of Europe and North America.”

Health Robotics’ combined gravimetric databases of 902 drug vials with 345 active pharmaceutical ingredients from 160 drug manufacturers represent by far the largest IV Automation gravimetric-control database ever published in the world, outpacing our combined competitors2 by a factor of at least 20 to 1. Double-Checks and Gravimetric Control (weight-based) are at the heart of the unique Patient Safety Systems developed by Health Robotics, which provides the world’s only integrated Robotic and Non-Robotic [manual compounding] IV Automation.

Mr. DeViedma continued: “Health Robotics offers these unique drug vial databases at no cost to its worldwide customers and global distributors. Customers and distributors are able to access the individual drug vial densities by signing a waiver with Health Robotics. This proven methodology has exponentially expanded the utilization of Health Robotics’ Sterile Compounding Automation solutions from the original 30+ drug vials in 2007 to the current 900+ vials, and growing every month.”


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