Health Robotics Moves Forward in PP&P’s National Survey

Clearly surpassing Intelligent Hospital Systems-RIVA and Baxter-IntelliFill, Health Robotics considerably improved from prior year's 2012 PP&P's National Survey, leapfrogging both IHS-RIVA and IntelliFill, as independently reported by PP&P at:

Gaspar DeViedma, Health Robotics' Executive Vice President stated: "Regardless of this particular independent report from PP&P, or other paid, incomplete, and biased reports such as KLAS, the fact of the matter is that the market has clearly spoken, with Health Robotics' capturing 95% of IV Robot sales in the American market since the company started direct operations in March 2011, and all new major medical center IV Robot sales over the last two years:

In its 8th Annual State of Pharmacy Automation 2013 released this month, Pharmacy Purchasing & Products National Survey found that Health Robotics improved to 64% of hospital pharmacists' consideration from its prior year 40% score, achieved in only the first full year after the company started direct operations in the USA, as compared to its competitors' 20 to 25 years head-start in IV Automation[1]. Unlike other industry pay-to-play reports [such as KLAS Research], that lack independence due to their solicitation for both vendor's and hospital's payments, PP&P does not require payment from vendors and/or hospitals, and thus, does not permit paying vendors to edit and/or influence the survey's results,

Mr. DeViedmacontinued: "Pharmacists should compare and contrast from the spin and bias sputtered by Intelligent Hospital Systems' CEO, who unashamedly referred to in a press release as being "# 1 IV Robot in a report that only measured 2 Robots [his own company's and Baxter-IntelliFill] out of eleven[2] companies in the IV Robotics sector". Claiming as Mr. Hansen did to be #1 out of 2, conveniently leaving out the fact that there were 9 companies missing, is hardly a thing to be proud of:"

[1] Intelligent Hospital Systems/Technology 2000 started in IV Automation in 1989: Am J Hosp Pharm 46(11): 2286--93 1989. St. Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg.

[2] 11 Competitors in IV Automation: Baxter, Fresenius, Health Robotics, Integra, Intelligent Hospital Systems, Kiro, Loccioni, Panasonic, Pharmoduct, Yasukawa, and Yuyama.



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