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LSU Health Sciences Performs First Ever Robotic Salivary Endoscopy

A team of surgeons headed by Rohan Walvekar, Director of Clinical Research and Salivary Endoscopy Service at LSU Health Sciences Center, has performed the first-ever robot-assisted salivary endoscopy.

It was reported that the surgical robot was directed by means of a small salivary endoscope for removing a salivary stone and restoring the salivary duct. The robotic procedure effectively saves the salivary gland with minimum blood loss, reduced scarring and assures shorter stay in hospital.

The major challenges involved in the confiscation of bulky stones include small opening of the mouth, big teeth and restricted access and disclosure due to obesity.

Salivary endoscopes offer effective management of stones by enhancing the view during surgery, revelation and intensification of the surgical field by means of a two-dimensional view. The adroitness of the surgical robot helps in placing sutures precisely.


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