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Energid Provides Automation for Robotic Arms Series

Energid technologies, a leading solution provider in robotics, has signed an agreement with Black-I Robotics which is a supplier of automated ground vehicles for defense purposes. The agreement is to automate Black-I’ heavy lift arms called LandShark for performing significant tasks like removing explosive ordinance, vehicle examination, logistics assistance, handling of dangerous materials and recovering unexploded arms.

Simulation and manipulation of heavy arms is enabled by Energid’ Actin software tool kit. With the help of a CAD modeling (Computer Aided Design) the developer can form a robust control system which can be instantly examined in simulation.

Actin software is applicable for immovable and mobile robots with one or more moving parts with any joint type. The major features of the automated robot include prevention of joint limits, smooth motion without any collisions, optimized strength, intricate grabbing like extending the arm through the vehicle’s window to lift things from inside and other handling operations by means of simple scripting.

Various factors like friction, pliability, power utilization, speed limits for twisting, turning and speed are incorporated by means of Exchangeable actuator models in Actin. The new heavy lift arms feature quick design repetition and powerful algorithms for managing various controls. Multiple contact models provided by the software are used by impact dynamics to facilitate rapid and precise impact recognition and reaction.

David Askey, Chief Business Development Officer at Energid stated that Black-I robot arm has a lifting capacity of 200 lb and eight degrees of freedom, thereby helping it to handle heavy objects even in intricate spaces. He also added that actin control provides secure arm for performing critical tasks in military operations.

According to Brian Hart, President of Black-I Robotics, the new robotic arm can extend up to 120 inches upward and 40 inches below its ground level. The actin software enables the utilization of automated heavy lift arms by the customers for managing various tasks.



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