AMETEK Releases Pittman Series 8690 DC Motors for Automation Applications

Ametek has launched a new range of Pittman Series 8690 brushcommutated DC motors for providing sustained and noiseless operations. Each motor measures 26 mm and is ideal for several industrial applications including information storage, semiconductor processing, automation and medical segments.

Every motor unit includes magnets made of neodymium iron boron for offering economical substitutes to coreless products. Major features of the DC motor include resin-infused windings, diamond-turned commutators and skewed armatures with seven slots.

The DC motors can be availed in three different lengths including 1.798 inches, 1.923 inches and 2.173 inches. The motor can offer a sustained torque output of 3.17 oz-in, peak torque of maximum 20 oz-in and a maximum speed of 9,000 RPM.

Further, the unit embraces a cartridge brush assembly for bringing down electrical and audible noises.


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